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Colors Of Spring. April 3, 2010

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No, not flowers, though there will be plenty of those soon enough.

Today I have a pair of sensorial opposites.  First, the lithic permanence of the granitic gneiss of Salmon Falls:

…the intriguing geometry and variegated colors of which never cease to amaze me; and second, a softer vision – a tiny snippet of a bed of golden moss:

…found glowing in the late day sun, as it is wont to do.  The delicate intricacy of this stuff always stuns me, and I’ll doubtless bore you with it as Spring progresses.  Consider it a weakness of mine, and forgive me my trespasses, as I’ll forgive those who tread unaware on such delicate beauty.


Ruby Tuesday – Back At The Falls. March 29, 2010

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It’s officially Spring, and the Deerfield River is cresting the dam at Salmon Falls, down in the center of the village of Shelburne Falls, MA.  It’s a mesmerizing sight, sonically overwhelming and totally humbling to a mere mortal:

The glassblower’s shop provides just enough rubiliciousness to allow me to sneak this one into this meme.

Farther up the hill, the Shelburne Free Public Library radiates yet more Ruby into the cosmos:

The Falls may have been taking liberties with “the ruby thing,” but this one hits that nail more squarely on the head.  🙂

For more Random Rubiage visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!

In The Dooryard. March 26, 2010

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One of the first signs of Spring in these parts is the appearance of crocuses.  They peek through the waning snow, dotting the landscape with the first hints of the color to come.

In our dooryard:

These little beauties will succumb to the coming cold nights, but their slight cousins will show their lovely heads during the next warm spell, which we trust will be upon us sooner rather than later.

Viva la Spring!

Changing Seasons. March 23, 2010

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Between the snows of Winter and the blossoms of Spring sets the season of Mud, with its gray skies and awakening pallette.

Receding snows reveal last season’s corn stubble:

A horse roots for green shoots on a southern Vermont farm:

…and a patch of moss springs to life in the first warm days of the season:

It’s not fully here yet, but it’s coming.

Welcoming Spring At The Smith College Bulb Show. March 20, 2010

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On the cusp of Spring, Susan and I spent last evening amidst a blur of color and fragrances at the Smith College greenhouses.  The draw was a pair of rooms filled with forced bulbs, their blossoming choreographed to provide a visual feast for those who came to see them.

Entering the show:

…and some details from the evening:






…and finally,

By the time you see these, it will be Spring.


Ice Islands. February 16, 2010

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In this case, in Pelham Brook in Charlemont:

A frozen river with a tint of Spring!

Rurality. May 22, 2009

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Along the way, over the last couple of days.

Morning on the Deerfield River:

Deerfield morning

Playing with that effect; I’d like to get an eye for it, shoot specifically for this treatment, and see what comes of it.

But not all the time.

A pasture in Adams, overlooked by Mount Greylock:

greylock grass

A lilac stand at a field corner in Colrain:


A pond in Plainfield:

pond in plainfield

…and up in Heath, a roadside spring:

Heath spring

This part of the world changes mile by mile.  It’s one of the many things I like about New England – the ability to move between environments without traveling all day.

Greening Up. May 3, 2009

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The trees are doing it, the grass is doing it:

forest green

The end of the road at the Mary Lyon Homestead.  I love the Spring pallet of greens, their unjaded enthusiasm for the waxing sun.

I get all of my drinkig water there, it’s unbelievably cold and clean.

Here’s a reflection in McLeod Pond up in Catamount State Forest:

white pine reflection

The givaway is the bottom-lit hemlock bows in the upper left corner, a physical impossibility.

And here’s a shot of somebody’s unkempt side yard, with Violets Gone Wild beneath a quince bush:

quince and violets

I love the attitude of the fatty maple tree on the right.

Plumping Up! April 15, 2008

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Spring, in all its magic and Rightness of Place, showcases its peculiar fecundity in ways which go unnoticed at highway speeds. The swelling of pussy willows is matched by so much else which we hustle past in a kind of oblivion which would astonish our ancestors, who were necessarily more attuned to the timing and rhythms of Mother Earth.

Photography has slowed me down a bit, for which I’m grateful – one can’t run around like a chipmunk without eventually burning out. Or getting squashed by a bus…

Anyway, this weekend’s rains found me at River’s Edge in hip boots, carrying an umbrella and my camera gear. And while the lighting was sub-optimal, the outing still connected me to the swelling of the season, of tubes and tissues being pumped full, of the tumescence of life which is done being patient, through with waiting, eager to send forth its children:

New moss bursting forth on the banks of The Deerfield.