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Today’s Bridge. April 9, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Smith Road in Chester, Massachusetts is guarded by this rusting, slightly sagging span, perched as it is on a natural ledge and a forty-foot stone wall:

The first time I drove across it (and watched the water rushing by below through the metal-grate deck) I wondered about my judgment, despite having been assured that it was “safe.”

But hey, we’re replacing it, so don’t worry at all.  😉

It’s really in an amazing spot, where the Westfield River runs deep and cool through a steep-sided valley, hopping drop after drop on its way to the sea.

The whole place is a living history lesson, a succession of old mill walls and foundations:

And the water below runs through shadow and sunlight, the schist reflecting back the greens of the engulfing hemlocks, the smooth quartzite adding touches of orange to the palate:

The warm sun and cool shade played with me today, teasing me with promises of more.

And I really do want more.