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A Walk In The Woods. January 7, 2013

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I sprawled in the snow to take this:


My sweetie Susan helped me up and brushed me off.

GAWD  I love that woman!  🙂


A Bit Of A Strange Sky. November 4, 2012

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On the way home today, the thick cloud cover which had blanketed the day became a succession of waves coming from the west, alternately thinner and white, or thicker and…


It was a much more colorful sky than is usual around here, especially when it’s deeply overcast, so I looked for a place to pull over and get a shot of it.

The timing was such that I got to a favorite pull-out of mine, a few miles down river from my home, with a clear view of the river. I scrambled down the bank to a set of rocks which jutted beyond the brush of the bank and set up a shortened tripod in the shallows, kneeling on the second rock to get a shot of the first as a foreground for the sky. I had Elliot on the box and was glad to have a planar near-object to focus on and a relatively flat horizon. At f/16 I figured I had a nice fat wedge of focus to play with, so I expected the river and hills to all be well rendered, and that was indeed the case:

I really intended to just get a shot of an interestingly colored sky, but this shot turned into somewhat more than that, at least in my eyes.

It’s getting harder and harder to just take a snapshot.

From Elliot, with a degree and a half of downward tilt, f/16, ISO 100, .8 second exposure, and a hand-held 3-stop ND graduated filter. This lens vignettes if I use a filter holder.

Dang ‘Puterox!! October 25, 2010

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The Interwebz has been in and out on me for the past two days, mostly out, and now that it’s back in, I’m out, or off rather, to bed.

That’ll teach it to stay out late, then expect me be up for it when it finally comes around!  No “Ruby Tuesday” for YOU, smart-ass ‘puterbox!!

…well, ok, maybe just a little Ruby Tuesday:

A little peek skyward, and that’s all yer gonna get – now git!

And if you want more, go see Mary!


Health Warning. November 16, 2009

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As recommended by my Siamese cousin Bob, on accounta he likes my sky shots.  😉

This is yet another Windsor sunset, fleeting and ephemeral, a moment in the slide show of a typical evening.  As I drive along, wistful and wanting, the sky is gray and boring; the skyline is vague and uninspiring.  My camera sits on the passenger seat, dejected and wondering why it came on this winding, bumpy ride.

Then it happens, as it occasionally does: the clouds fall into place like pieces of an art puzzle, and the light comes up, and suddenly I’m driving into a ditch and propping my camera against the driver’s side window for an impromptu two-second hand held shot of something which wouldn’t be there by the time I’d set up a tripod:

Yeah, at ISO 3200 it’s  grainier than Plochman’s mustard, but I wasn’t really set up for it, so I got what I got.

Still, I like the clouds a lot.

Stop Me If I Bore You. January 25, 2009

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I know, there’s only so much snow you can look at before you yell, “Calgon, take me away!”

But it is what it is, and it’s everywhere.

Today was bright and crisp.  The ice was brittle from the night-time lows, and the sky was radiating a blueness

twin maple

…onto a stark, crisp landscape:

briers in snow

…softened by shaddows

field and shaddows

…and scrimshawed by zastrugi:


And that’s the news from the Department of Redundancy Department.

A Night Sky. April 25, 2008

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From this evening:

Images From My Day December 5, 2007

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A Mixed Woods


A Murder of Crows


A Brooding Sky


I Wonder Where This Goes?