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Two Moons. March 18, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Taken tonight, just before sunset, from the muddy fields along the Connecticut river in Northampton.

First, with a hillside of hemlocks and birches:

…and then, after running through ankle-deep muck with Gizmo slung over my shoulder, this one with the Skinner Park Summit House in the frame:

I’ll clean the shoes tomorrow; tonight I’m gonna look at these for a bit, then hit the hay.

G’night, my friends.

Nutty Land. November 2, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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When I was just out of high school, a friend of mine invited our tight group of outcasts to a party in “Nutty Land,” which we would find to be a cornfield along the Connecticut River in Northampton.  It was far from any houses, a mile from the nearest pavement, and apparently the local police preferred to know where the Party Crowd was on any given Saturday night.

So we went.  There was a big bonfire, with drunken boys leaping over it after making furious approaches.  There were vans a-rockin’, and sweet hippy chicks staggering around in a mixture of alcohol-induced haze and pleasant afterglow, while their triumphant conquerors drank and thumped their chests and drove their sooped-up cars blindly through the cornfields, with an occasional idiot blasting through the green wall to find himself soaring down the embankment and into the deep, cold waters of the Connecticut.

Nearly forty years later, I’m back in those cornfields

And I’m not holding a Miller beer, but a camera.

I’m looking for a Summer scene I’ve seen, but I’m way too late.  So I’d settle for an Autumn scene, but I should have been earlier for that as well.

It’s past prime here in the valley, but so far behind my hill-country home that it looks alive, vibrant in the late afternoon light.

This is what I came here for:

The view across the river to the hills known as The Seven Sisters.  They’re part of the Holyoke Range, a ridge of hills dividing Hadley from South Hadley.

Skinner Park occupies the western high point of this range, with an old hotel perched atop Mount Holyoke, the mountain, not the college:

The hotel serves as an Historic Site these days, with visitors wandering through the sparsely furnished rooms and digging the rather incredible  views.

This shot of the Summit House reminds me of colorized postcards of a bygone era:

While the adjacent hills glow in the long rays of the setting sun:

That’s all I got.