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A Glimpse Of The Catskills February 22, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Last night’s lingering stay up on Windsor Mountain, waiting for the moon which (predictably) appeared only after I gave up and retreated to my car far down the hill, yielded a few interesting shots not of the sky, including this, a sculpted field up on the high dome of a hill. The underlying snow wore a thick icy crust, convoluted by sun and gravity, annealed to a wind-carved layer of sintered snow.  It resembled to my mind the surface of a tumultuous ocean, reflecting the intense blue of the twilight sky and punctuated by the low-angle light of the day’s end:


And then, after all hope of a glorious moonrise had faded into a desperate struggle to not lose fingertips to the insistent wind, my eye was caught by the silhouette of a distant Catskill peak normally not visible from these parts:


But you know, the higher one climbs, the broader one’s horizons.