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Vernal Pool. April 21, 2011

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Here are two shots I took last evening of a Vernal pool in Shelburne.

It was nearly dark as I drove past a reflection in open woods.  Being me, I stopped and backed up to see what I had nearly missed: a Vernal pool choked with fallen leaves.  I set up rather quickly, as the light was fast disappearing, and snapped a couple of quickies off…  well actually, “quickies” is relative; the set-up was quick, the exposures were long – 15 and 30 seconds long.

First, a color shot in landscape orientation:

…and second, a black & white portrait:

Both of these shots were inverted before “printing,” as you can tell if you study the details (such as the leaves floating in the upper corners.  This is more obvious in the color shot.)  The B&W is my favorite; it somehow “feels” very old to me.

I was pleasantly surprised that these came out, as it was nearly dark and difficult to focus.


Rising Waters. March 8, 2011

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It’s a sure sign of Spring’s approach when the Deerfield begins to rise, and though it’s not really in “Spring Flood” stage, it’s certainly up from a couple of days ago.

The dam at Salmon Falls:

…and looking upriver from the Buckland side:

Up close it’s a swirling miasma of mists, making one grateful for the railing at the overlook:

That’s a far cry and a deep shudder from the idyllic swimming hole of Summer.

And yet, above the tumult hovers a reminder that there’s beauty in everything, if one looks at it in the right light:

It’s hard to believe the high country is still so tightly gripped by Winter, but it is!

More on that, next.


A Barn. January 5, 2011

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Graves’ barn, to be precise, though I didn’t ask them for permission, so don’t tell them (both of you) that I used this photo:

I did nothing to this one after pushing the button, which says a lot about tilt/shift photography; the usually unavoidable vanishing point inherent in photographing tallish structures was herein turned into a vertical splay, giving a weight to these otherwise elusive structures.

This is all shift, no tilt, and as photos lacking a strong foreground element go, I like it a lot.

The Other “Foliage Season.” April 18, 2010

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While tourists flock to The Berkshires to see “the Colors” in September and October, we locals get to enjoy a subtler “foliage season” in the Spring, uncrowded by swivelheads.

The steeple of a church in Shelburne rises above the buds, catkins and nascent leaves of our mixed-hardwood countryside:

This time of year, with its unsettled weather, seems somehow more appropriate to the character of “traditional” New England than the Disney-esque rainbows of Autumn.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Ruby Tuesday – Back At The Falls. March 29, 2010

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It’s officially Spring, and the Deerfield River is cresting the dam at Salmon Falls, down in the center of the village of Shelburne Falls, MA.  It’s a mesmerizing sight, sonically overwhelming and totally humbling to a mere mortal:

The glassblower’s shop provides just enough rubiliciousness to allow me to sneak this one into this meme.

Farther up the hill, the Shelburne Free Public Library radiates yet more Ruby into the cosmos:

The Falls may have been taking liberties with “the ruby thing,” but this one hits that nail more squarely on the head.  🙂

For more Random Rubiage visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!

Summer At The Falls! June 8, 2008

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Yeah, it’s ninety degrees and humid, so a trip to the Shelburne Falls “Potholes” is in order.

But on days like this it’s crowded where the Cool Kids go…

So EP and I head around to the Buckland side, from whence we could see the fun, but still have our peace and quiet, She with her Summer coursework:

Me with my Summer reading:

And despite being in gloriously full sun, we were delighted to be cooled by the finest of mists, subtle enough to allow reading and taking photos, along with a gentle breeze generated by the Falls themselves:

We stayed ’till we got hungry, then hit our local organic co-op for some fresh pasta and retreated to our kitchen.

But that’s another post, isn’t it?

Images From My Day. May 11, 2008

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Got to Hawley Bog by mid-morning, in time to feed the black flies. Yes, it’s May here too, and May means Mayflies, blackflies, les mouche noires. Voracious little bastards who will find a way through any discontinuity in your clothing to exact their pound of flesh (well, ok, a “pound” is exaggerating a bit, but they take a piece away and leave a bloody hole, so I’m not fond of them.)

But I got down on my belly and I took some pictures anyway:

I don’t know what kind of plant this is, but it was valiantly attempting to erect a solar collector above the saturated plane of the sphagnum moss, and Little Plant, I Salute You!

Then off to deliver Ultimate Spawn to her Mom’s house for a couple days, with a return trip through pastoral Shelburne. Here’s a view of a mowing field with violets erupting in a sea of dandelions:

…and along the way, a patch of Marsh Marigolds in a wetland, with a guest thinning out the pollen:

It was a beautiful day despite the bugs.