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Winter/Non-Winter Details. January 10, 2012

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With no snow here to speak of in the official “winter season,” the details I’ve been inclined to photograph haven’t been at all typical of this time of year; they’re just details.

So, here goes.

A black and white photo of schist and shadows:

A color photo of a rock face in the same area, displaying a range of subtle hues:

…and a small grotto decorated with icicles:

I’ve nearly given up on the idea of shooting winter landscapes this year, but not quite – this is, after all, New England, where things meteorological tend to change like the weather.


Another Version, Dour But Honest… May 5, 2010

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…of bluetts along the Deerfield, after a rain, the light low, the fog rising, bands of feldspar standing out in lightning relief against the rounded rumps of Mother Earth’s schist:

I’ve taken some of the color out of it, the form and contrast saying more to me than the ordinary greens of its grasses and shrubs.

This is a gift from Elliot; I hope you like it.

More From The River’s Edge. May 2, 2010

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The evening sun barely penetrates the rising river:

…while bluetts cling to water-worn schist:

Darkness falls, and I’m heading home to get tucked in.

The Old Switcheroo! May 3, 2008

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It’s gray and raining here today, and not the weather I want to be prepping my garden in, so I’m (predictably) off to scour the hills and vales for interesting views and wild edibles.

But before I hit the road, here’s a shot of the Cold River from earlier in the week:

I liked the way the pink Cheshire Quartzite contrasted with the gray of the local schist, and spent quite a while at this spot, watching the changing light and snapping away.

With any luck I’ll post some wild edible pics later today.