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Drydock. December 19, 2012

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Along the road in Shelburne Falls:


A sailboat sits it out near the Lamson Sharp cutlery factory.


Gauguin In Colrain. April 11, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Yeah, in Colrain, “Birthplace of the Toothbrush.” *

And if that isn’t strange enough for you, The Big G makes his appearance on the side of a 25-foot sailboat marooned on this Berkshire hillside like an Ark deposited by the retreating waters of a Biblical flood:

I blinked hard as I drove past this visual incongruity, then doubled back to see if I had seen what I’d seen.

I’d seen it.

The stern of this poor old girl confirmed its owner’s intentions:

One never knows what one will encounter while cruising the back roads, does one?

* If the toothbrush had been born elsewhere, it would most likely have been called a teethbrush!