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Another Ruby(ish) Tuesday. October 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Ruby Tuesday!.

A theme begun at Work of the Poet, Ruby Tuesday is a chance to show some pink.  Or red.  Or whatever passes for “Ruby” in your neck of the woods on this particular Tuesday.

I’ll confess to hoarding an occasional Ruby Thursday in case a subsequent Tuesday proves unproductive.

Like today.

So here’s my Hoarded Ruby(ish) Things.

Somebody’s Country Home:

I know, it’s cheesy for a “nature photographer” to take pictures of people’s yards.  But it was pretty.

Oak leaves, taken the day I watched the bear:

Not the most Rubylicious of Rubys, but having at least some Rubosity.

Somewhat Rubose, if you will.


Oh, and some Truly Ruby berries along a road cut, whose leaves had turned inexplicably purple:

That’s all I got.  See ya next week.

BTW, I got hooked into this through The Pagan Sphinx.  Thanks, P.S.!