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East Meets West! December 28, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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Quite a while back, that is, in March of 2009, I was in California with my photo-buddy/housemate Lizz, when she stopped at roadside and suggested we take this photo:

We were at the western end of Route 6, and she sagely declared that the other end was closer to home and we’d get there someday.

Well, as happens with alarming frequency, she was right.  And though our end doesn’t have scenery like this :

…that’s a snow storm engulfing the High Sierra above Whitney Portal…

…it does have scenery like this :

That’s a fishing boat rounding the tip of Cape Cod on the Massachusetts coast.

As an aside, I had fun with that last photo on two counts.  First, it was a tilt-shift photo, courtesy of Elliot, my 24mm TS-EII lens, yielding pretty sharp focus from here to infinity; and second, because it was so hastily set up, I caught the trawler in mid-frame, and my daughter Ursula thought it would be fun to “mess with” the composition and encouraged me to stretch myself in Photoshop, moving the whole boat right in what turned out to be a pretty convincing foray into  the world of Photographic Art (as opposed to photo-journalism or pure “nature photography.”)

At any rate, “our” end of the road at Provincetown, MA wasn’t as spectacular as the Bishop, CA end, but it was fun to find this sign:

…with the “3,205 miles” matching the western one.

Hey, I’m easily amused!  😉