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Hungry Plants. April 28, 2012

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The Northern pitcher plants (Sarracenia purpurea)  up in Rowe MA are doing their Spring thing, despite the freezing nights and scant bugs.

Here they’re greening up amongst the leaves of swamp irises:

They’re astonishingly colorful for what’s growing around here, showing vibrant greens and rich reds amidst the sphagnum moss:

Hungry green funnels wait for curious insects to take their sweet-smelling bait:

Once an insect crawls down to check out the sweet liquid in the funnel, fine downward-pointing hairs prevent it from climbing out, and there’s precious little room for flying, so most suitors get drowned and digested be enzymes:

Yum!!!  😉

Periwinkle. April 26, 2012

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A carpet of mossy rocks and Periwinkle swathes a sugarbush in Rowe:

…and that is all.

A Half-Moon… November 2, 2011

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…rises over Pelham Lake in Rowe, Massachusetts:

This shot is a collaboration between my eyes (hey, I saw it first! ), the Mad Skilz of Elliot, who laid a vertical plane of sharp focus along the shoreline rock and trending toward the rising half-moon (1-1/2 degrees of swing,) and Photoshop, which allowed me to shoot fast (4 seconds) in the waning light and still be able to adjust the exposure later, bring up the dark areas, and sharpen it a bit.  Still, it involved a funky set-up with me lying in the pond-side mud and holding a reverse graduated filter reeeely  still for the duration of the exposure, so I won’t be falsely humble regarding the results.  I hope you like it.

This was the first time in eons  that the wind was calm enough to capture a reflection, and I loved it enough to get disgustingly muddy.  We’re deep into Ugly Season, with most views being primarily brown and most waterways (my favored venues) being littered with the destruction of Irene.  So it pleases me to find anything, anything  which looks at all natural these days.

Thank you, Pelham Lake.  Thank you, Rowe.

And thank you  for visiting.

‘Shoein’. January 15, 2011

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Got out in a nice snow this afternoon – it was breezy and gray out, but the deep snow called to me, and who am I to snub Mother Nature?

So I headed up toward Rowe, bumper-plowed myself a parking space along a secluded section of Pelham Brook right about where it settles into a deep cleft in the woods, and ‘shoed up.

It was awesome.  Through the deep, deep snow I plunged steeply down, the combination of aerobic effort and the knowledge that this would be a very bad place to catch a tip and launch into the broken-bone-zone keeping me focused and on my game.

The snow muffled every sound except for my thumping heart, and by the time I reached the brook I was plenty warm.

I could hear a throaty rumble from beneath the rolling white hummocks where I knew the stream to be, and chose my line carefully as  I worked my way up, down and eventually across to the far bank:

There were a few long steps, and ultimately a leap down and across some tumbling open water, a move which I knew would be irreversible; I would have to find another way back across.

An hour of traversing a steep side slope, gaining and losing elevation as the terrain and forest dictated, brought me to a likely looking spot, and I went for it, succeeding with anticlimactic ease.

Truth be told, the climb back up to the road was the real reason for choosing this spot to test my new snowshoes, and I was delighted by their performance.  Their super-aggressive crampon design effectively prevented side-slipping, while the simple heel-lifting bale totally eliminated calf strain, a concern for me with my crappy right ankle.

All in all, an excellent first run.  Now I can set my sights on more adventurous outings!