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And The Winner Is… September 19, 2010

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…Mr. Cat!

Mr. Cat’s main job (aside from supervising his three otherwise helpless Humans) is to keep the Rolling J Farm as close to rodent-free as is feline-ly possible.  This he does admirably, presenting us most days with at least one trophy and often donning this air of Kingly Nonchalance.

You gotta love a Cat with attitude!

I’d feel bad about the daily body count of Rodentia,  except that the little bastards eat the insulation off our wiring and poop in our food.

Besides, it’s nature, and who am I to argue?

In The Snow. February 26, 2010

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Late winter is frequently a bluster here in the Berkshires, and this past week has proven to be true to form.  Storm upon storm has dumped feet of heavy, wet snow on us, denying us power, heat, light and water, and in cases like mine, even access to our homes; the berm of slop thrown across my driveway by plows plying Route 2 was a yard deep, fifteen feet wide and as heavy as lead.  Plus, there was no place to pull over and try to shovel, with the plows constantly rounding the bend on which I live.

But still, despite a growth of stubble and an unhygienic aire, I found the storms to be cleansing, healing, and beautiful.

A home up in the hills of Cheshire:

A nearby rural lane:

Stone monuments on a knoll above Ashfield Lake:

…and a barn in the farmlands of Shelburne:

I wandered long past dark, waiting for the plowman to come and let me into my driveway.  I got there in time to snap this shot of yet more snow descending from the heavens:

…that last one taken through my windshield.

I love winter, despite its tribulations.

Mr. Cat… December 13, 2009

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…takes a well-earned break from supervising His humans at the Rolling J Farm:

Don’t think for an instant that this is a green light to slack off.  On the contrary, your efforts in His absence will be minutely inspected upon His return to Active Duty.

Beginning, of course, with the condition of His food bowl.

Pray that Mr. Cat is in a merciful mood.