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Dinner With TCR! November 24, 2008

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Tonight, a Mahogany Risotto with spicy sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and black trumpets which I picked this Summer:


With some nice crisp asparagus.



‘Cause It’s a Sunday In October October 22, 2007

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Time for a nice meal, on a relaxing Sunday evening, but with the tribulations of the Work Week approaching. Comfort me.

As the days cool down, I tend to spend more time on dinner. Maybe it’s the need for more calories as the temps drop; maybe it’s the diminution of options for Life After Work, I being predisposed to tromping around in the woods ’till I can’t see the eye-pokers no mo. 😆

Whatever, I spend more time at Teh Stove as the days grow shorter. And that’s a recipe for risottos!

See, if I’m not eating Eastern food, my Rice Of Choice is long grain, wild, and very brown. My favorite is a “blend of black and mahogany long-grain wild rices” from Lundberg Family Farms called “Lundberg Black Japonica.” The package directions recommend cooking it for 50 minutes, but I find it toothsome after more like an hour:ten. So altogether, a good risotto will take me about two hours to prepare.

And this is a guuuuuud risotto!

(OK, the truthomometer says I should come clean about making it last night at about 11pm. WTF people, cut me some slack here, I’m doing this for all of us! )

Ahem, anyway. Dinner begins with a Long Grain Wild Rice Risotto with organic red onions from my garden, dried chanterelle mushrooms from a June foraging up the road from my place, white raisins, dried cranberries, and a hand-full of spicy tamari-roasted sunflower seeds from our excellent local coop, all organic (except, unfortunately, the rice :lol:)

Oh, and a stick of butter. Yeah, a stick. You know the one.

And here ’tis:


Now between the chanterelles, which have a uniquely apricotty flavor, and the raisins and cranberries, the risotto will be kind of sweet. And as I’m partial to a blend of sweet and hot and a little bit salty (ladies 😉 ,) I’m going to do a curried chicken with cashews for the compliment:


…with coconut milk and a handful of fresh basil from out back.

And a side of kale from the garden and carrots with the ubiquitous bulb’s-worth of roasted garlic:


There, a hearty dinner to end a stellar day – Curried Chicken with Cashews and Basil, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and Roasted Garlic Carrots and Kale.


…And a glass of Merlot.