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Scene In A Pond. May 8, 2011

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This past Friday after work, I found my way up Mount Greylock, Massachusetts’ highest point.  I say “found my way” because it’s a State Reservation and it, um, doesn’t open ’till Memorial Day, which is on the 30th of the month.

But hey, there was a gap between the concrete blocks closing off Greylock Road on the west side, so how was I to know?  😉

So I noodled my way up to the big steel gate at the Rockwell Road, which was predictably (and judiciously) locked, passing nice stands of woodland wildflowers along the way (but that’s another post.)  I turned around at the marker for Ash Fort,  a small historic site with a tiny pond where I’ve snagged a few photos in the past, and saw this reflection:

I thought it was kind of surreal.

But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.

Reflections. April 28, 2011

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I’ve been watching for reflections to photograph, either in ponds or in puddles, but it’s been quite windy lately in these parts and the reflections haven’t been very clear.

Tonight, after a day of hard rain / thunderstorms, I got a little lucky with this shot of sunset settling into a puddle on a nearby flooded lawn:

The whole scene materialized rather quickly, and I was too rushed to really get it right.  Still, it was a learning experience, and I’ll be keeping an eye on that spot for return engagements.

Thanks to Elliot for his tilting contributions to that one.

The Prodigal Guy… December 20, 2010

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…returns, after several days without internet service (during which I rudely ignored your kind comments) followed by a couple of days away from home, and now heading into the happy maelstrom which is Christmas.  Balls have been dropped, as I’m sure many more will be before we rest with our errands run and our bellies distended.

And then, of course, come The Resolutions and The Gym and the Long Night which is Winter in these parts.

But for now, a quick update:

We’re back on line, with two dead modems, a bone to pick with Verizon, and a butt-load of Cape Cod photos to process (from the “couple days away.”)

But the processing may take a little time, and there’s a total lunar eclipse tonight (weather permitting) and I’m trying to get some dinner made to gird my loins for a three AM foray into the night to see it, so I’m not promising too much tonight other than this pre-Cape-trip photo of a Turners Falls church reflected in Barton’s Cove at sunset:

I dug how the flaming clouds hung below the startlingly blue dome of the sky.

Anyway, I’m hoping to hoover some Mexican chicken and work on photos ’till 3am, and if I get something in presentable form before The Moon Thing happens I’ll post it.

Otherwise, this is “G’night!”


Today. November 3, 2010

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Sunrise over North Adams:

Hand-held in low light at ISO 3200; sorry ’bout the grain.

After work, high on Mount Greylock, I came across a small stagnant pool:

…and made something else of it entirely.  I like the way the elements of this one came together, with the only sunlit vegetation in the scene suggesting a blazing sun and the trees seemingly being re-leaved.

Higher, I caught this detail of icicles adorning a road-cut:

The surface was decorated with a strange, raised crazing which looked alive, and I dug it.

I hope you dig it too.

All shots with my 16-35mm L-series lens which, surprisingly, focused down to about 8″ for that last shot!


Wild And Wooly! May 6, 2009

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Took a quick run up Mount Negus this evening (well, part way up) to see if the vernal pool had anything interesting goin’ on.  I was thinking along the lines of wildflowers or moss treasures, so I had Ziggy, my 50mm macro lens, on the camera.

Turned out there was something interesting going on, of the fur-bearing variety; but by the time I got changed over to my 400mm telephoto lens the wind had shifted, and all I got was the “Buh-Bye” shot:


So long, Ms. Bear.  I’ll be back.

The wildflowers weren’t happening, but I got a shot of the pool, full and dark and deep:

negus vernal pool

And on the way out, this little guy munching happily away in a tree top:


“You cain’t awlways git what yew waaant…”

…but I’ll take it.


Greening Up. May 3, 2009

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The trees are doing it, the grass is doing it:

forest green

The end of the road at the Mary Lyon Homestead.  I love the Spring pallet of greens, their unjaded enthusiasm for the waxing sun.

I get all of my drinkig water there, it’s unbelievably cold and clean.

Here’s a reflection in McLeod Pond up in Catamount State Forest:

white pine reflection

The givaway is the bottom-lit hemlock bows in the upper left corner, a physical impossibility.

And here’s a shot of somebody’s unkempt side yard, with Violets Gone Wild beneath a quince bush:

quince and violets

I love the attitude of the fatty maple tree on the right.