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Between The Rains. August 12, 2012

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After an unusually long dry spell, we seem to have entered the it-rains-every-day phase of our screwy New England weather cycle.  I can water the garden during dry spells, but keeping everything from rotting when we have too much rain is a bit more problematic.

Still, the wet weather has its advantages; our rivers certainly need the water, and if we’re going to have anything like a foliage season this year, so do the forests.

And the vistas of mists rising from the valleys is interesting to photograph, such as in this evening shot of a homestead in the Pudding Hollow section of Hawley:

There’s too much wrong with that photo for it to ever hang on a wall, but it’s passable for blog viewing.

Besides, while I have tons of other photos to process, I haven’t anything else ready to post, and I don’t want you all to fall asleep on me!  😆

Field Of Dreams. June 9, 2011

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Up the hill from here there’s a high valley known as Pudding Hollow, a beautiful little spot with a dozen or so houses, a picturesque stream and some grand views to the north.  It’s well known for, among other things, a field of lupines which is in bloom this month:

The property owners have been very accommodating about photographing their fields, so long as people are respectful and don’t trample or pick the flowers.  On my most recent visit the skies didn’t really deliver what I was looking for, but then, it’s hardly fair to complain about beautiful weather:

Those are both courtesy of Elliot, though the non-planar nature of the subjects made them sub-optimal candidates for tilt-shift photography.

I’m keeping an eye out for conditions with a bit more “atmospherics,” though; a calm morning with rising mists might obscure some of the flaws in these compositions and add some needed drama.

I guess time will tell about that idea.

It’s Winter! December 30, 2010

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Like most of the Northeast, we’re having a bit of winter here in The Berks.  It’s pretty up in the hills, with scenes like this one, a late afternoon shot of a shoulder of Spruce Hill up in Florida:

We didn’t get as much here as many nearby areas did, but the roads were nonetheless slick with blowing snow for a couple of days, and the streams descending through hushed cascades offered me an opportunity to break out Gizmo for a few close-ups:


That last one was taken beneath a heavy overcast; I really liked the textures and palette which came through.