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Indisposed… March 16, 2012

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…Well, temporarily, and minorly when compared to the real troubles others face on a daily basis.

But I thought I should apologize for the gap here, between my intro to the Mount Holyoke Flower Show and its follow-ups.

Seems my recent gardening/hedgerow cleaning efforts put me in contact with something vile and poisonous.  I’m presently down for the count, barely able to type through the convulsing shivers of itching and burning, unable to touch my head because my swollen arms won’t bend that far, and sleeping fitfully only with the aid of some gone-by percoset I found while grubbing frantically through old bags of meds from past misadventures (remember the fore-arm x-rays?)

I tried three times to deal with this gently, homeopathically, but finally caved and got a prescription for prednisone, which has taken the situation down a notch, and as long as I’m moving in that direction, I won’t be jumping off any bridges.

Plus, my car croaked, and the only bridge within walking distance isn’t guaranteed to do the job right; with my luck I’d be more likely to become an uninsured paraplegic.

Oh, did I mention that I’m uninsured because I’m now unemployed, and just heard that my job won’t be coming back?

Life is good.


Sorry, no photos of this train wreck.  If you saw my arms and torso, you’d hurl.  And if you remember the Michelin Tire Man, you don’t need to see a photo of Cunning Jr.  Suffice it to say that he won’t be going out to play any time soon.

Nice Day For The River! July 26, 2007

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Some folks enjoying a float trip on the Deerfield River:


They put to shore here for lunch and promptly sat themselves down in a gloriously lush poison ivy patch (yes, I told them.)

They complained about the lack of wildflowers.


I think they were from the city. 😉