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Between Seasons. June 13, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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The Spring wildflowers have gone by, and the fields and roadsides are being mowed, so we aren’t really in a peak flower season.

But there are still things happening, especially in the wilder parts of the county, and always on a macro scale (photographically speaking.)

Here are some of the ‘Tween blooms I’m seeing.

Pinks, one of the prolific Dianthus clan, though I know not which one:


These are about half an inch across, and recently rained on.

Some yellow dudes, probably from the Buttercup family, another large group of related plants:

yellow flats

These are spindly, and were a challenge in the wind.

And here’s some Hawkweed, the common orange version, though it’s even more prolific in its yellow incarnation:

orange hawks

Summer will bring its own delights, but this is what I’ve got right now.

Because Not Everything Sucks… June 23, 2007

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Breathe deeply. Relax your brow, your cheeks, your jaw. Hang your head , stretch your neck. Get loose. Smile.


A little wild Dianthus. There are about 300 species of “pinks” in the genus, with many growing wild in the Northeast. This one’s about 1.5 cm across.

I owe this photo to any of you who survived my toxic rage against Dubbya The Clown over at Shakesville.