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The Perpetual Garden. October 20, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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OK, we’ve had our first hard freezes of the season, my hot peppers got hit, the basil was thankfully all in, and the ‘maters are way done.

So this past weekend I dug up my wierd potatoes (volunteers from one I missed last Autumn) and my red onions and pulled in a big bowl of Hungarian Wax Hots:

…plus the last two summer squash, heheh.

Still out there for the time being is some curley parseley, my stunted celery and a buttload of kale, which will survive for some time yet.

Oh, and my chard is making a come-back, bright new leaves emerging from the stubs of what I thought would be my last cutting!

I pickled some of the peppers and the smaller onions, then threw them in with the pickled hen-of-the-woods I made last week.  Pickled veggies go a long way with me, so I’ll be enjoying these ’till winter sets in!