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The Elusive Honey Mole! January 23, 2012

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Tracks of a large honey mole* punctuate a couple of inches of new snow up at Bog Pond in Savoy:

“Honey mole,” you ask?

Why, yes…  Honey mole!  🙂

* OK, the back story:

Years back, when our daughters were Wee Beasties, my In-laws Maria and Fernando came to visit (they had retired back to Portugal.)  When Gina and her Mom came back from a day out (if I’m remembering that correctly; I bet Pagan Sphinx will remember) and I got home from work, the Grrrlz were all excited.  “Daddy, Daddy, Vovo Frenando saw a Honey Mole in our garden!” they squealed.

“A “honey mole?” I queried, not having heard of that one before, and wondering how Fernando would have known about it.

Fernando came in and explained that yes, it was a “honey mole,” and a BIG one – he held his hands about 18″ apart to indicate its size.

After getting a fuller description from Fernando, it became clear that he’d seen a woodchuck  – and that “Honey Mole” was his broken-English approximation of “animal.”

Sadly, Fernando has passed on, but every time I see tracks in the snow I think of him and smile.

Thanks, Fernando.

Happy Belated Birthday, Pagan Sphinx! July 2, 2009

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This s a day late because my browser crashed yesterday – sorry!

Most of you who come here know the Pagan Sphinx from one or more of her blogs; I’ve known her for nearly three decades as a best friend, a lover, a confidant and the mother of our two lovely daughters.  She’s beautiful, funny, caring, insightful and talented, and having her in my life and heart has broadened me in ways beyond telling.

Here she is at Elder Progeny’s recent graduation:

[photo deleted by polite request]

Ain’t she cute?  🙂

Happy birthday, Gurrrl, and may you have many more!