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I Cried. September 11, 2009

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I was sitting in the hallway of our county courthouse when I heard the news, a murmured phrase from a passing legal clerk.  It wasn’t directed toward me, but as passing snippets go, it was hard to ignore: the United States of America was under attack, with major damage having already been inflicted on New York City.

For a long while that was all I had to work with, sitting there among the tattooed masses shuffling their feet, wanting their next cigarette almost as much as I wanted to duck out of my role as a witness in a crazy driving incident which had resulted in considerable damage.

I stayed, gradually gathering details as the buzz intensified, and was eventually shuffled into a waiting room where fifty of us were read our instructions, then parked in front of a television to wait for our names to be called.

That’s when I first saw them, the images of planes piercing sky scrapers like fiery  javelins, of columns of thick black smoke rising skyward, of pin-striped flecks peppering the air in a pixelated confusion of motion and intention and regret.

And I cried.  Publicly, silently, without concern for or even awareness of the people on my left and right, or even for the lives lost for I-knew-not-why, but rather for the Words Unspoken, the spouses left sleeping in the work-a-day pre-dawn departures, the children on school buses who would never see their Mommy or their Daddy again, the engagement rings sitting in dresser drawers which would never find their place on the unasked finger.

And as the hours passed and the towers collapsed with horrifying predictability, I cried for the True Heroes who willingly went into that maelstrom of destruction, hoping against hope to save a life, praying as they climbed the stairs that they could keep their promises to their spouses and partners and children, Yes, Daddy will be fine, Mommy will be fine, it’s an important job and I need to go do it, I’ll see you tonight my sweeties.

But not all stories have happy endings.

Eight years ago today, nearly three thousand innocents lost their lives to Fundamentalist Fervor, some incinerated in lung searing agony, some transformed in a crushing millisecond into unrecognizable stains of white and red, some following office chairs out 90th floor windows, choosing the flight of dreams when finally the consequences of such a choice were rendered moot by the actions of a dozen and a half misguided souls, their mortal bodies preceding their ties and coat-tails Earthward, their eyes filled with incongruous beauty, their ears deafened by the white noise and fury of their final act.

And then, amidst the flames and the fumes and the plumes of black smoke, three thousand souls rising, rising toward The Mystery, impervious to the toxic dust clouds, insensate to the blinding heat, the Mothers, the Fathers, the Brothers, the Sisters, the Sons and Daughters, the CEOs and the Janitors and the Hijackers rising together, relieved of all that was, freed from the fear of dying and about to have their ultimate questions answered.

It’s not so much for them that I cried that day in the courthouse, and on many subsequent days, and in particular today, as it takes me two hours and a box of tissues to write this.

I cried then, as I cry now, for those of us left behind, for family and friends and children and acquaintances and complete strangers, of which I am one, who didn’t learn, didn’t get it, didn’t see how our narrow vision of life and love and justice contributed to this unspeakable moment in time, fueled the fires of divisiveness and hatred and greed, allowed us to dismiss the lives of others as somehow less valuable than our own, begged God to send us a message which we couldn’t ignore, then ignored it.

And as our new President implores us to Hope for resumed growth, we go forward seemingly oblivious to the perils of environmental usury, taking mercilessly from whoever is weak enough to give it up, shooting holes in the stern of the colossal vessel whose bow we so smugly occupy, ignoring the interconnectedness of our pillage of other peoples’ resources and their seemingly indiscriminate  attacks on us, unwilling to assume one iota of responsibility for the condition of the world in which we all live.

It’s eight years later, and I’m still crying.

A Special Thanks… January 17, 2008

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…to FranIAm for helping me to snap out of my med-induced coma for long enough to pass a brainstone.

Not necessarily a coherent brainstone, but hey, it hurt like The Real Thing…

Palpate said ‘stone below…

Names, Part II : The R-Word December 18, 2007

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The first post in this series of three dealt with my perceptions of how the Progressive community got renamed, redefined and re-branded as “The Left.” It wasn’t pretty, and it may not have been a comfortable “read” for some.

This second offering isn’t a comfortable “write” for me. Because now I’m writing as an “outsider.” So if anything smells particularly “off,” feel free to tell me so.


For a while now I’ve ranted and raved about The Right’s slimy tactic of getting We The People to “other” each other to bits. Blacks hate Hispanics, the Middle Class hates the Brown-Collars, the Working Poor hate the Welfare Frauds, and everybody hates back. It’s a sad, vicious circle, and a lot of us see that.

But seeing that, understanding that, has made me aware of an awful truth:

I too hate.

I hate George Bush for being a Genocidal Simpleton. I hate Dick Cheney for being Evil Incarnate.

They deserve to be hated, despised, loathed for their blind ambition, their callous disregard for the lives of others, their Hegemaniacal Hubris.

And you, my Brothers and Sisters of The Left, hate them too. And why shouldn’t you? They’ve set our planet on fire, mortgaged our children’s futures and turned most of the world’s people against us, all the while lying through their smiling teeth.

But then we take it the extra mile, don’t we?

We hate Republicans. We hate Christo-Fascists. We hate the Filthy Fucking Rich. We’re angry at a whole groups of people we don’t even know, based on an unscientifically small sampling and on what we’re told about them.

And that’s exactly what the Architects of this divisiveness want. They want us to pop on over to The Right-O-Sphere and see them calling us perverts and commies and Godless Animals. And they want them to pop over here and see us calling them repugs and rethugs and mouth-breathers.

Because that’s how it’s done. That’s how they get the Good People of America to fight among themselves while the Architects rake in all the pieces, Boardwalk and Broadway and the Central Bank. The othering, the caricatures and the lies generate anger, and fear of seeing our dreams slip away, fear of seeing our futures stolen from us, fear of seeing our world irreversibly altered for the worse.

People, my friends, no mind was ever won by anger.

It’s not that our fears, their fears, aren’t unfounded. It’s just that our anger is mis-directed.

Because most of the people who voted for George Bush, most of the people trying to decide between Romney and Giuliani and Huckabee aren’t our enemies. They’re Americans, like you and me.

Like us, they have homes they love and struggle to pay for. They have jobs they hate but have to go to every day to stay afloat. They have little children they need to bring to day-care, older children who deserve a decent education and grown kids who are trying to figure out how the hell they’re going to pay for college. Many of them swing hammers or wield shovels or do clerical work. Some of them, like some of us, are professionals, but somehow we’re all still scrambling to pay for that damned health insurance, pay the rent or mortgage, and see to it that our parents get the kind of care and attention they need.

Don’t get me wrong; our differences are significant. But if we, if they, if any of us are going to come out of this with what we want, we need to acknowledge our commonalities.


So how do we get The Right to talk to us about our commonalities?

Simply put, We Don’t. Left is Left and Right is Right and never the twain shall meet. It’s a Paradigm of Opposites. It’s as black and white as Good and Evil.

Instead, I think we need to re-identify The Right as being comprised primarily of Fiscal Conservatives, Social Conservatives and Corporacrats.

Let me posit that the Fiscal Conservatives are by far the Republican body politic. This is the group we have the most in common with, the group we really need to connect with. I’ll come back to this group in a minute.

The Social Conservatives are a smaller group, but still a lot of voters. Most of these folks are Christians, and they make a conscious effort to try to be good. They’d be excellent allies for us progressive people, except that they’re being steered toward a position of moral exclusivity, the black and white paradigm of Good vs. Evil. The sub-group of those who have already bought that paradigm are going to be really hard to reach – I just don’t know how to persuade someone of something if logic and facts are irrelevant when they contradict beliefs.

Separation of Church and State, anyone?

The “steering committee” of this God-based conservatism might be thought of as Theocons, and among them are the Theocrats, the people who want their Christian Fundamentalist views to dictate laws. Mind you, by the time we focus in on this subset, we’re talking about a small group of people. But they have a lot of influence in the Social Conservative community.

I’ll identify them as Problem #2.

I know, I know, I haven’t even mentioned a Problem #1 yet, have I?

That would be the Corporacrats.

These are the 1% of us who have most of our Country’s wealth and influence. This is where the money is going at an exponentially growing rate. These are the people who profit from monopolies and war and have a perpetual Thirst for More. I’m not talking about businessmen or doctors or lawyers, about Upper-Middle-Class Professionals who have been led to believe that they’re living La Dolce Vida; the fact is, the money is just passing through their Hummers and their Plasma Home Theatres on the way to the top.

I’m talking about the people whose Absolute Wealth can only be achieved through Absolute Corporate Power.

They’d like to be known as “Neoconservatives,” Neocons, Neos. They proudly refer to themselves as such. It sounds so, let’s see, New. And Conservative.

But there’s nothing conservative about them. And their objective isn’t even that new. So I’d rather call them something else.

As Bureaucrats want The Government to control everything and Theocrats want The Church to control everything, so do The Corporacrats want The Corporations to control everything.

The Good News: They’re a very small percentage of the population.

The Bad News: They’ve got the money.

And money crafts messages, buys media, shapes the debate.

And that debate isn’t about where the hell 90% of our resources are going – it’s about how to best spend the remaining 10%, the crumbs which the Corporacrats graciously allow us to fight over. Fiscal Conservatives and Progressives arguing over school funding and health care, Social Conservatives and Progressives arguing over abortion and same-sex marriage, and behind our backs, Paul Fucking Wolfowicz is President of the World Fucking Bank.

This is Problem #1. The Corporate Power Grab, the mingling of Governmental and Corporate structures.

The Corporacrats need to be defined, labeled, made to stand alone, cleaved off of the Conservative Body Politic. Their Goals and Objectives need to be shown to be diametrically opposed to those of the True Fiscal Conservatives, inherently incompatible with those of the True Social Conservatives, and irreconcilable with anyone’s concept of God.

Then we need to eschew the Paradigm of Opposites, to let go of the label “Left,” to become Progressives again, to let go of the label “Right,” to recognize Conservatives as our neighbors and allies, and to take the first steps in the building of the bridges which we so desperately need if We The People are going to survive this attack on our sovereignty as a Nation.

It won’t be easy to stop the othering, to lose the language which has come to define our struggle.

We are Progressives. They are Conservatives. We’re different, but we’re not opposite.

Now let’s stop throwing stones and start building bridges.


Busy With Division November 5, 2007

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For some people, “othering ” is big business.

Consider, if you will, any Main Stream Media circus, and let’s narrow it down to a Sunday morning talking-head show, where pundits and commentators with differing perspectives come together to find common ground gouge each others eyes out with forks.

The scene:

The “green room,” where guests chow down on donuts and scratch their balls (or adjust their boobs) while they’re waiting to go “on-air.”


“Say, Cal, I really enjoyed your piece in The Post. Lots of good points there, I agreed with a lot of what you had to say.”


“Gee, thanks Bob. Where did you disagree? Perhaps we can discuss it.”

Producer walks in and overhears.

“Now boys, boys! Knock it off! We have a show to do in five minutes!”

Ah, the Big Business of Othering. The box-office take of a Heavy-Weight Match wedded to the spectacle of a bitch-slap ass-kickin’ cat fight.

Bread and Circus.

It’s not much of a stretch to anyone in possession of that rare combination, a television and a functioning brain, to imagine that there are plenty of people in the broadcast industry, and plenty in the Political Thought industry, who promote the head-on collisions they bring us in the guise of “dialog” on topics of presumed importance to Americans.

And We The People, in hugely embarrassing numbers, lap it up like dogs on puke.

So it was with some interest that I listened to Bob Beckel, a Democrat and long time political operative, and Cal Thomas, a Republican and a syndicated columnist, discuss their recently released book detailing their experiences and perceptions as frequent guests on the talking-head circuit.

Yup, it’s 99 and 44/100% pure Bread and Circus. Agreement is anathema, consensus is cordially invited to Get The Fuck Out.

The book: “Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America.

From the authors’ descriptions, it promises to be an exposé about the quest for ratings and their concomitant advertising dollars by peddling division and disagreement like they were selling hot dogs at a home game.

I find it interesting to hear these voices form different camps building this particular bridge at this particular time. And I wonder if they’re the tip of a whistle-blowing iceberg, or just a couple of shrewd operators running with their noses up in the air, following the scent of an easy dollar.

At any rate, these two “gentlemen” (and I use the term loosely,) being insiders in the scene and having their respective coteries of followers, might just introduce the concept of “othering” to a phalanx or two of Fox aficionados, they being the audience most likely to be regaled with the frequent fisticuffs of these socio-political pugilists.

I wonder how many will get it, will understand that they’re being played, that the M$M is peddling moats while our Country need bridges.

Only time will tell.

Bridges October 26, 2007

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This older guy at work has said some angry things in casual conversations in which I was a participant, things with racial overtones, things about immigrants and liberals and fags and “welfare queens,” things which sounded both learned and internalized.

At first I was pretty taken aback, even though those attitudes aren’t at all uncommon on construction sites, where people without a hell of a lot of education bust their asses and never seem to get ahead. Frankly, it’s not hard to see why many become bitter, especially as they get older and begin to appreciate how little they have to look forward to.

Add to that the usual construction site boom-box, providing your typical right-wing “morning show” background banter deriding the poor as the reason for these working people’s struggles, and you get a LOT of bitterness, hopelessness and pent-up resentment.

I feel it too. I feel myself getting older, getting tired, being worn down, with a Grand Total of $12,000 in my retirement account, and it makes me angry and resentful, but not at the poor.

Because I know where the money is really going.

So having had a semi-recent epiphany about building bridges instead of arguing for my very different point of view, I’ve been trying harder to find the commonalities between the lives and struggles of the people around me and my own long, up-hill swim. I’ve talked to this older man about what he’d like to do when he retires, how his (married) children are doing, his wife’s health problems, insurance hassles, the price of prescriptions… you name it. Life. The Commonalities of Life.

And with the Door open, he listened when I talked about the small percentage of our money which goes to help the millions of poor people in our country and compared it to the very large percentage which is being accumulated by the Filthy Fucking Rich, by people who own vacation homes in Paradise and private jets and get the kind of health care his wife needs, health care she’ll never get, health care she and uncounted others will die without. He listened when I talked about the Social Politics of Distraction, about how we’re constantly being pitted against each other.

Today this Loving Husband and Father pulled up along side me in his truck and stopped with the window down, just looking at me. His eyes were unaccustomedly soft and clear, his demeanor resolute. It felt a little awkward, a little strange, until he spoke.

“You know,” he said, “I think you’re right. I think we all better stick together, or we’re gonna get screwed.”

I nodded in agreement. I didn’t smile; it was all I could do to choke back the tears of gratitude.

“Think about voting for Kucinich in the Primaries,” I managed. “He’s on our side.”

He drew back a bit and scowled.


A long, up-hill swim, indeed.

Large and Small, Brothers Nonetheless September 9, 2007

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Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What makes us unique?

What binds us together as travelers on this finite orb with limited resources?

These are questions of significant import.

But only the last one holds the promise of salvation. “What binds us together?”

Besides being comprised of the same elements in astonishingly similar proportions, or needing the same environmental conditions to survive, or having essentially the same genome, that is.

Consider this dentinum, a two foot tall specimen on the side of a sugar maple in an adjacent town


and this orange peel fungus:


A two centimeter disk at its base. They’re both fungi, and they’re way more different than Democrats and Republicans, Sunis and Shiites, Palestinians and Israelis. But like iterations of a Mandelbrot set, they’re drawing the same conclusions from the Universal Input.

And that conclusion is that they choose life.

We humans could learn a thing or two from the “lesser” phyla.

Othering. September 7, 2007

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A while back I heard Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley state that one of the most egregious lies currently being foisted on We The People was the concept of Red States and Blue States. It was his perception, I understood, that this lie was a principle tool in the process of dividing us, of sewing fear and mistrust among us, of diverting our attentions away from the real enemies, the people and institutions which are raping us all, the Neocon/Multinational Monster which is eating our lunch, and us along with it.

Mr Bradley wisely noted that we have more in common, we Red and Blue Staters, than our handlers would like us to realize.

Your homework is to think of as many things as you can which are common to us all. As a couple of examples, don’t we all love our children? Want to be able to take care of our aging parents? Strive for economic security doing work we enjoy?

Don’t we ALL want peace and prosperity and hope for the future??

Those are the easy ones, but there are as many commonalities among us as there are stars in the sky. Finding them will make us an unstoppable force of reason and goodness and love, and earn us the respect and gratitude of people world-wide.

Because “theyare “us” too!

Two Americas September 3, 2007

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Most of you who read this humble blog live on the same continent as I do, speak the same primary language as I do, and either benefit from or struggle against the same government as I do (inarticulate, but you get my drift.) We tend to think this means that we all live in the same country.

But we don’t.

And the reason we don’t all live in the same country is that we’re either victims of or beneficiaries of the most pervasive and unassailable “-ism” of all: Economic Classism.

Must be nice:


Not so much:


The excellent progressive program Alternative Radio , which I listen to regularly on WAMC out of Albany, New York, recently aired a rebroadcast of a lecture given by Michael Parenti in Arcata, CA in 2006. His talk, entitled “Race, Gender and Class Struggle” added salient facts and details to my thin but gnawing knowledge regarding one of the most disturbing aspects of our culture and society, that being that the working people of the world are but grist for the merciless mill of the Filthy Fucking Rich (hereinafter referred to as “the FFR.”)

Mr. Parenti began his talk by noting that, even as we struggle for parity in regard to gender and race issues, we hold fast to the notion that “class” in America is a non-issue. India, we learn as children, has a rigid caste system; if you’re born a Dirty Dog, you’ll die a Dirty Dog. But in America, God bless our little egalitarian hearts, we learn at a tender age about Horatio Alger’s sunny jaunt from rags to riches, or more currently, about Po White Trash Little Billy Clinton’s ascendancy to The Throne.

So why, if we all have an equal shot at The American Dream, do we see such economic disparity among us? The average American CEO makes about $42,000 a day. I know many college educated Americans (including Yours Truly) who would be ecstatic to earn that much in a year.

Consider the properties pictured above, they being only a few miles apart. In one case we have a huge country home with a Garage Mahal, immaculate stables and finely bred horses; in the other, an unfinished dream which doubtless shelters exponentially more wasps than children, surrounded by rusting treasures on blocks. Who do you imagine works harder for their piece of paradise, the folks who peruse the trades for the best investments-du-jour or the people with the bloody knuckles, busted nails and bad teeth who eke out an existence salvaging parts from the cast-offs of the more fortunate?

Here’s another disparate pairing of American Dreams:


Acres of beautifully manicured lawns and gardens, with a subtly landscaped babbling brook and a guest house I lack the pedigree to occupy for one stinking night; and this nearby hovel


…where a very old man lives alone, brilliant and fascinating by all accounts, but long since too feeble to take care of his little piece of heaven.

How the hell do we, as Americans, let this happen? What induces us to buy the lie that everything’s copacetic, while our grandparents live in uninsured squalor even as the better-heeled dine on endangered species?

The concept of class equality touted as the prevailing paradigm in America The Beautiful is a sorry illusion. As Michael Parenti states so eloquently, the very concept of “class” is irreconcilable with the idea of “equality.” “Class” presupposes a paradigm of servant and master, slave and slave owner, serf and Feudal Lord.

But while even the most despotic Feudal Lords recognized the symbiotic nature of their relationship to the pitiful masses who tilled their land and tended their herds, our current day Lords and Masters seem to care not at all for the men and women whose labors generate their fortunes. Gone is the concept of noblesse oblige, of a moral responsibility to the unwashed masses tied to an understanding of where one’s food comes from. Today, if the Lord neglects his field hands, the Global Economy will provide uncounted Chinese or Indian or Malaysian replacements. Today, if an old man outlives his productiveness, he’s considered an economic liability rather than a repository of the wisdom of a long life’s learnings.

Today, We The People sit transfixed in front of the Electric Soma as our children’s futures are sold to the highest bidder.

I don’t know how to fix this. I only know that I’m acutely aware that it’s happening, and that most of us either aren’t even vaguely aware of it or have been too neutered by our mass media to believe we can effect a change in this sorry status quo.

I for one intend to not go quietly into the blades of the International Harvester, to not wave cheerily as Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound” blows my children’s futures away to a distant shore. I intend to go kicking and screaming for the whole world to hear, “Look! Look up there! It’s not the ten percent at the bottom who are sucking you dry, stealing your retirement, denying you health care! Its the FFR at the top, the one percent, the Money Changers in the Temple of your Dreams, the few amongst all the people in the Ancient World who moved Jesus to violence, the few amongst all the people in the Modern World who are benefiting from the rape of your brothers and sisters, your friends and neighbors, your parents, your children, you!”

I’m inviting you to join me in this last-ditch effort to make a difference, to take the penultimate step with me, to find a street corner, a coffee shop, an editorial page, a blog, a mountain top from which to spread the word, to swing the lantern, One If By Land, to wake the sleeping giant, to open its eyes, to make it see The Truth through the fog of obfuscations and lies.

Failing this, our last stand will be violent and bloody, and the Best will be the first to perish.

Pray that we will be heard and believed.

Welcome Jasper! August 12, 2007

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So who’da thunk that a conservative guy like Jasper would ever take the time to visit LittleBangTheory?


Or at least I hoped he would.

In the teeny-tiny community of on-line friends who come here to read my rants and watch me fumble with a camera, there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t recognize Jasper as a “troll” from Shakesville. That’s kind of unfortunate in the sense that “troll” is a very “othering” categorization to apply to another human being who cares enough about the current state of our democracy and of our world to spend a significant amount of time arguing in support of his point of view, whether we agree with him or not.

And since you all know how I feel about dialog being a foundation block of democracy, I’m asking you to join me in offering Jasper a seat at our table.

Jasper, I hope you’ll take the time to scroll back through my archived pages to see where I’m coming from. You’ll have to skip over the goofy stuff, pictures of moss and bugs and so on, to find my socio-political rants. And “rants” they are; I usually can’t string two words together unless I’m worked up about something. You’ll surely see that I’m considerably “left” of most so-called “liberals,” but I hope you’ll also see that it’s because I love my country and fear for the futures of my daughters, and your children (if you have any) as well.

Please understand that while I refuse to pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth, I’d willingly die to defend our constitution; that as a Citizen of the World, I feel a greater obligation to justice on a global scale than to assuring obscene profits for American corporations; and that I believe the actions and assertions of our Current Administration have done more to destroy our standing in the world than the actions of any terrorist group ever could.

I’m sure we’ll disagree on lots of the details, but I bet we can find some common ground on which to build our respective futures. And I believe we owe it to both the Framers and our children to try.

I’m asking all of you “regulars” to put down your swords and pick up your pens and prepare to defend yourselves in a civilized manner. And Jasper, I’m looking forward to thinking about things from your perspective. Come on back, man. Pull up a chair.

It’s A “Battle Royale!” August 5, 2007

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Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen! Put your money down and enjoy The Big Event, an over-the-ropes grudge match featuring some of the Toughest Cookies in the Galaxy! On the bill for your short-term gratification:

Israel vs. Palestine

Sunni vs. Shiite

Blue States vs. Red States

Man vs. Nature

and finally, in a never-before-seen Spectacle of Biblical Proportions,


…well, maybe some of you read the book, but THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

There will be no ties, no draws, no split decisions. The Meek shall Inherit a Bullet to the Back of the Head; to The Terrible and Mighty will go the Scorched Remains of an Uninhabitable Planet and an All Expense Paid Trip to Hell. *

(*…tax and license not included.)


How did it come to this? How have we allowed ourselves to so other each other that we’ve lost all empathy, all concern, all desire for DIALOG in service of finding and holding Common Ground? How is it that we’ve discarded all the important learning which went on in kindergarten, lessons about sharing and using our words and trying to understand how our behavior made the other kids feel? Weren’t any of those lessons worth holding onto???

Too many of us have bought the “All Or Nothing” model of Neoconflict Resolution. Problem is, when we get home and open the box, we find that the pieces don’t really fit. This is not my beautiful Prius – it’s another Bentley for the Filthy Fucking Rich.

It’s time for us all to step out of The Squared Circle, walk out of the arena and go pay a visit to our NRA-member Neighbor or our Republican Uncle, to sit down and talk about our common goals and shared dreams, to realize that we’re being played, used, fed to the beast of Unbridled Avarice.

Then we need to take it to the streets, not “this group” or “that group,” but all of us together as one voice, demanding the Rule of Law, reclaiming our Constitution, and showing the Rest of The World what real democracy looks like.

The REAL choice, my friends, is not “All Or Nothing;” it’s “Something or Nothing.”

And the time to choose is now!