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Weekend Roundup. May 9, 2010

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Here’s where all the shots go which seem worth saving but don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

White birches from last week’s walk with Frau B.:

Happy clouds over an orchard in Colrain:

A lively stone wall on the way to Susan’s house, shot here on a rainy morning:

…and another of Mel’s restorations, this one a ’40 Ford which he and his wife take to Florida every year:

I think he said he put a Chevy 302 in it, and that it got around 18 MPG on the highway if he kept it to 65, but that it didn’t want to go that way, so he paid a bit more to get there a lot sooner.

That one’s another of Elliot’s interpretations of proportion, yielding what seems to me to be a sense of surging forward while standing still.  🙂

So goes the roundup.

It’s Ruby Tuesday! November 18, 2008

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Here’s a shot which fits into the “Ruby Tuesday” meme which I found over at Pagan Sphinx’s place, and which she got from Mary over at Work of the Poet.   I’m pretty inconsistent with my participation, as I’m usually psyched to share my photos as soon as I see some worth sharing, and have a hard time saving my Red Things for Tuesday!

Here’s one I call “Left Behind:”


A patch of sunlight skates across a brooding landscape of rolling orchards.  I guess these apples musta been “bad,” ’cause they didn’t get raptured up to Pie Heaven, or even Juice Limbo!

Oh well, more for the deer population to find this winter.  🙂

Images From My Day. May 16, 2008

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I’m currently working on a bridge in Williamstown, a pretty little northern Berkshires spot which just happens to host a well known college as a major player.

It’s pretty here, and though I seem to recall using the adjective “bucolic” within my last ten posts, it’s certainly appropriate as a description of the rolling countryside which comprises the landscape where I’ve spent the last week:

That’s an orchard in the mid-foreground, with young blossoms setting:

Later this evening and closer to home, the same dramatic light illuminated a herd of dairy cows in neighboring Colrain as I took a “long cut” to the supermarket:

Sorry about the sky in this last one, it was a hand-held quickie without filters, as the cows were moving in the low light.

But it looked good to me, so I shot it!