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Maybe On September 12th… September 11, 2011

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I’m choking on emotions here.

Like most of you, I remember where I was when the airliners plowed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon and that anonymous field in Pennsylvania.

And like most of you, I’ve spent at least part of the day listening to heart-rending stories of the victims and the heroes and the survivors and the fatherless/motherless children left behind, and I cried.

And waited.

Waited for one thoughtful comment or serious discussion about the lessons learned over the past ten years.

Waited for somebody, anybody,  to ask why  “they” hate us enough to blow themselves up to kill us.

Waited for even ONE of the Committed Lefties over at NPR to grow enough of a spine to speak a syllable of Truth to the face of the Power which really  runs this place.

And I’m still waiting.

Perhaps the general consensus is that “today isn’t the appropriate time,” that it would be disrespectful to the nearly three thousand Innocent Americans who died on 9/11/2001.

But Jesus Christ, people, we’ve had TEN YEARS to discuss this, and we haven’t.

I’ve gone and waited to say this ’till it’s too late to do the subject justice, if I even have it in me to do so.  But tomorrow is indeed another day, and it won’t pass without a screed from me the likes of which I haven’t written in two years.

The subject: “Silence Is Complicity.”

Now go to bed.  Tomorrow’s gonna be a rough one.

A Gentle Reminder. April 10, 2008

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I’m a devoted listener to Public Radio, which seems to necessarily (and beneficially) include a lot of feeds from NPR, National Public Radio.

But in the last year or two, the NPR contribution to this totality has become, how should I say it, somewhat, um, vapid.

I’ll quote here the example of last week’s coverage of The Election Saga as it unfolds in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: our Fearless Reporter queried folks in several areas of the state about their political leanings with respect to their upcoming Democratic Presidential Primary.

But apparently the possibility of World Changing Political Transformation wasn’t deemed of sufficient interest to hold the attention of the flighty NPR audience, because the whole week’s explorations were dished up within the paradigm of the regional cuisine, beginning with an excruciating deconstruction of the famed Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, which was revealed to be a combination of red meat, white bread and Cheez Whiz®.

Yeah, that’s Cheez Whiz®. I Googled it.

People. Not everything that tastes good is food or pussy. Learn to say “no.”

And NPR, there’s a Food Channel for this kind of escapist bullshit. I listen to you because I expect a modicum of insight and analysis, not because I can’t figure out how to combine red meat, white bread and Cheez Whiz® into a swallowable glob.

You’re dismissed.

Hey NPR, Who’s Your Daddy? November 8, 2007

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Yesterday I heard not one, but two different hatchet-pieces on NPR. The recipient of their largess: Hillary Clinton. The general gist of both pieces was that Hillary has proven herself to be inflexible, uncompromising (unless you happen to be an ethic) and arrogant.

Nice work, Guys.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a devoté of Ms. Clinton’s; on the contrary, I’m more than a little disappointed with her apparent lack of sack when fighting for the Average Joan, and with her Corporate Sperm-Gurgling when it comes to everything else.

But if you ask the all-important question, “Compared to what?” I’ll be pulling that D-Lever on Election Day.

So this morning on the way in to work, again listening to Public Radio, I was agape at a rather breathless “news report” about how Ron Paul was cleaning up on internet fund-raising, and sweeping up college students like rats outta Hamlin.

And then, and help me out here, I thought I heard them characterize Paul as “The only presidential candidate who has come out as opposing the War in Iraq.”

If I’d have succumbed to my first instinct and driven off a cliff, I wouldn’t have to be bothering you nice people with this.

Please, if you heard this, tell me I missed something. Tell me they said “Republican Presidential Candidate.” I listened on and off all day for a repeat of the story, but work being what it is, I didn’t catch one.

Still, going back to yesterday’s NPR Drive-By at the Hillary Pillory, one might hope that, after a couple decades of Republican-lead funding cut fiascos, NPR would be looking forward to a reprieve from the relentless ruinations of The Reicht.

Kinda raises the specter of the Abused Spouse defending the Abuser.

And kinda makes me wonder about some of NPR’s flagship reporters’ affiliations with Faux Snoowz.