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Wilcox Hollow, Day Two. December 9, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I returned to Wilcox Hollow on the Deerfield river this afternoon with my housemate and dear friend Lizz, who loves details and liked what I brought home from there on my last visit.

She’s recently been attending far-flung workshops with world-class photographers and, I’m grateful to say, bringing home some useful pointers, which she generously shares with me.

Thanks, Lizz.

Here’s a bit of what I came home with today.

A reflection in a shallow, stranded pool:


Dried grasses catching the slow drizzle of a December afternoon:


Sprigs of vegetation refuse to turn brown, insisting instead on wearing their colors to the end:


I chose a shallow depth of field to get this example to pry itself from its surroundings:


But the geology here is composed of such extremes of light and darkness that it screams to be rendered in black and white.

So I did that with these next few shots.

A study in the placement of cobbles:

_MG_5604 B&W

Nature draws an animal in millions-of-years-old stone – bovine? equine?? Either way, the picturing long precedes the existence of the beast, so it’s just a silly human interpretation of a geological phenomenon:

_MG_5602 B&W

This venue, Wilcox Hollow, has a lot to offer to a photographer, and I expect to be back soon – perhaps as soon as tomorrow! 😉