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The Remains Of The May. May 29, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Before it goes, May has a few things to say, “captured,” as the kids say, along the way.

Delicate ferns  cling to a shale wall over a stream in Bernardston:

Disoriented Dentinum  adjust to life on a toppled log:

I like the almost-fractal nature of that little scene, with the little shelving fungi resurrecting their inverted progenitors by abandoning their past and seeking the light.

Hey, just a cosmic  sentiment to go with a trippy photograph of mushrooms.

Here’s another shot of the Natural Bridge gorge in Clarksburg:

That one is interesting to me despite a lack of context; there’s no obvious scale, leaving it open to a viewer’s interpretation.

A couple more from the flatlands down below Northampton.

Puddles on Harrowed Ground:

…and dandelions, albeit gone by, at dusk:

Meanwhile, back up in the hills, a local farm settles in for the night, oblivious to the fire in the sky above it:

And, of course, a sunset/moonrise to end the day:

Barton’s Cove on the Connecticut river, from the Erving side.

Well that’s about it for May, though  I won’t promise that something else from the files won’t pop up if it catches my fancy.

See Y’all in June.



Some Black And Whites For a Saturday Night. March 6, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Been sick as a dog all week, but today was too nice to spend in bed, so I went out into the world with a head full of medicine and Elliot affixed to my box.

Despite the bright sunshine and temps tipping 50, I wasn’t feeling very colorful, and shot primarily in black and white.  Here are a few shots from my day.

A water tower in Readsborough, VT:

A limestone quarry wall in North Adams:

…and the view under the limestone arch at Natural Bridge State Park:

All of these employed considerable “shift,” but only the last used appreciable “tilt,” and in that case it was close to my 8-degree maximum, as I was less than a foot from the arch.

Elliot was quite an investment for a poor boy, but I figured if I’m ever going to make anything come of my love of photography, getting the right tools for the job would be a smart move.

I liked these shots, and hope you do too.