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A Seat Of Honor. November 20, 2012

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Mr. Cat doesn’t spend all that much time here. He lives in Arlington and comes here most weekends, and for most of his Summer Vacation. That he spends here in the country, playing in the barn and out in the garden, lawn and surrounding woods. Thank God he’s street-smart and stays out of Route 2, or he couldn’t roam here without getting flattened.

Well, this week I happen to have the company of Mr. Cat. I’m allergic to the extent that I can’t hold and pet him in the way he wants, but between the involuntary bouts of petting and scratching and hand washing, I try to make him feel welcome.

At night it gets cold here, and when his mommas are here he sleeps with them. But given my allergies,  I try to make him comfortable without inviting him to bed.

Lately I’ve taken to getting the kitchen wood stove borkin’ and pulling an upholstered chair up close enough to be cat-comfy. Mr. Cat wastes little time settling in:

I’m sad to not be able to get physical with Mr. Cat the way he likes, but that feeling is assuaged by believing that he sleeps comfortably in the absence of mammal-to-mammal contact.

Missing Mr. Cat. March 28, 2012

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Mr. Cat had the dubious luck of being left in my charge for the past two weeks, while his Mommies scoured Southern California for photos worth sharing (they succeeded in spades, which will be another post.)

Now, I have an allergy to cats, but not all cats being equal, Mr. Cat affects me less than most, meaning my lungs don’t fill up with blood and I don’t die in his presence.

Yeah, I’ve been close to the edge in that scenario, and moved into my car at one point to avoid certain death.

Anyway, my time as Supervisee of Mr. Cat was splendid, and I so grew to love The Boy that I’m missing him greatly now that he’s at home in Arlington, MA.

Fortunately, I snapped a couple of photos of him so I wouldn’t be totally bereft in his absence.  Mr. Cat napping on a chair near the wood stove:

And let me ask you, if you were a female kitty, would you say “yes” to this face?

I would.  That’s the sexiest kitty I’ve ever seen, and I’m hardly embarrassed to admit it.

So I’m all drippy with anticipation of Mr. Cat’s return to Tai Farm, and will keep you posted as that occurs.

Mr. Cat Assumes The Position!!! July 28, 2011

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In his typical imitation of Road Kill, Mr. Cat deals with the heat by going wheels-up on the kitchen floor, staring motionlessly at nothing:

If Pethouse gets a hold of this, he’ll be a centerfold  fer sher!

Actually, Mr. Cat prefers to be outside whenever possible, choosing to lounge on a warm flat rock to survey his kingdom:

That’s a good place from which to spy on chippies and mouses.  But don’t let him catch you  spying on him

“You lookin’ at my paws??  Well, are ya, PUNK???

That makes him go half crazy!

Like, dizzy,  man:

What a ham.

So there’s some Friday Kittehz Blogging for ya, after quite a while of none.

Enjoy your Friday evening!  🙂

But Seriously… December 9, 2010

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Mr. Cat strikes a serious pose on Miz Lu(mena)’s knee:

I love that guy.  He’s a No Bullshit Cat.

And The Winner Is… September 19, 2010

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…Mr. Cat!

Mr. Cat’s main job (aside from supervising his three otherwise helpless Humans) is to keep the Rolling J Farm as close to rodent-free as is feline-ly possible.  This he does admirably, presenting us most days with at least one trophy and often donning this air of Kingly Nonchalance.

You gotta love a Cat with attitude!

I’d feel bad about the daily body count of Rodentia,  except that the little bastards eat the insulation off our wiring and poop in our food.

Besides, it’s nature, and who am I to argue?

A Visitor. August 4, 2010

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What’s this, perched on my open trunk lid?

Why, it’s a pigeon!  We don’t see many of those out here in the country…  especially handsome, elegant ones like this:

Better get Mr. Cat into the house, he’s licking his chops.

“Did you say, ‘Cat??'”

Yes, I think, whisking Mr. Cat into the house.

“Thanks a lot, Pal!”

Mr. Cat… December 13, 2009

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…takes a well-earned break from supervising His humans at the Rolling J Farm:

Don’t think for an instant that this is a green light to slack off.  On the contrary, your efforts in His absence will be minutely inspected upon His return to Active Duty.

Beginning, of course, with the condition of His food bowl.

Pray that Mr. Cat is in a merciful mood.

Friday Kitteh Blogging March 21, 2008

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A Most Regal Mr. Cat adorns the lap of one Miz Lu(mena) during a recent visit by Yours Truly:


There’s handsome, and then there’s Mr. Cat!