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B-Team Mug Shots. October 26, 2011

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Here’s a slightly sorry line-up of Usual Suspects who didn’t quite make the cut – photos which have sat around long enough on my desktop so that it’s time to either use ’em or lose ’em.  They’re not my best work, but just as we Plain Folk deserve to find happiness, these photos ought to be seen before being recycled.

A riverside granite outcrop in NH:

Wet Paint taken not far from there:

That NH She-moose in a casual moment of herbaceous bliss:

And another framing of North Pond in Savoy:

There.  Now I can clear these stragglers off of my desktop without feeling like I abandoned my children without acknowledging them.


Crawford Notch. October 7, 2011

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The rest of Saturday was spent scoping out venues for if/when the rain might stop, knowing full well that it probably wouldn’t (due to the miracle of radio weather reports) and meeting back up with my friend Lizz for dinner at The Moat, a smokehouse-microbrewery in North Conway where everything is recommendable.  I had a huge plate of nachos with smoked-meat chili and ate every last bite, though that determined effort resulted in an ungainly waddle back to my car.

Afterward I noodled my way back up Crawford Notch toward Bretton Woods, where I’d last seen the headwaters of the Ammonoosuc.  I noted a few nice scenes along the way as prospective shoots for the morning, keeping my eye peeled for places where I might sleep without being told to “Move along” by official types (this section of the White Mountain National Forest has lots of campgrounds and expects people to use them, but I’d rather spend my limited bucks on quality glass.)  I settled on the AMC Lodge at the top of the notch, parking directly beneath a sign declaring “For Lodge Guests Only,” cracked the windows to allow my vapors to escape rather than fogging my windows (that’s how they getcha!) and snuggled into my sleeping bag for a comfy night out.

At first light I zipped back down the Notch to a view of Mount Willard which I hoped would capture some of the dawn’s drama:

That’s a flank of Willard on the right, where both Lizz and I have passed many a winter’s day plastered to exhilarating ice climbs, though never together.  It’s funny how we met much later and now have this completely different relationship.

A bit farther down the road I stopped at Silver Cascade, hoping to beat the crowds I’d seen lining the roadside the evening before, and succeeded in snagging this shot despite the continuing wind and rain:

Again, the rainy skies sucked, but the scene was compelling enough to get me to do the bungied-umbrella-thing, and I liked what I was getting.

Then a moose wandered up the road, and with a quick change of lenses (to Gizmo, dontcha know) I got this furry portrait:

I also took one with a bit of panning, generating this sort-of impressionistic rendering of Said Moose:

…and all without paint under my fingernails!  😆

A ways farther down the Notch, Lizz had shared a spot with me with some nice foreground details, though the dramatic background was now lost in the drizzle:

This was how the day went, with foregrounds dancing in the wind and backgrounds obscured by rain and clouds.  The great spruce-clad wall of Mount Webster should have risen from this scene, but only its foothills framed these New England asters:

Each of these shots required a laborious construction against the elements, and none of them really approached their potential – the conditions were just too poor, the atmosphere too full of crap to deliver the images I’d come this far for.

Well, you don’t know if you don’t go, so I went, and I got what I got.

Next up, the ride home.


Ruby Tuesday, Goofy Edition! September 8, 2009

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Driving around my part of the world this past week, I was reminded of the John Prine song, “Big Old Goofy World.”

And as a lot of the goofiness was, um, Ruby,  I thought I’d share it with you!

What passes for “art” in nearby Bennington, VT:

mystical moose

This guy, “Mystical Moose,” is one of fifty-something meese gracing the streets of The Ben as some kind of Vermont promotional deal.

They were all pretty cool, but this one went beyond cool into rubiliciousness!

And while we’re in “goofy mode,” here’s an eight foot rooster hanging out at a Lanesborough farm:

ruby rooster!

I mean, What The Baawwwk???

And my favorite “big dude,” the decidedly P.U.* mascot of the Big Indian (tacky) Gift Shop in my own home town:


Yep, twinty feet o’ honkin’ Redman.  We locals call him the B.F.I.

[*that be politically UNcorrect.   Which is, of course, uncorrect.]

Anyway, that’s about all the goofiness I can handle in one sitting.  Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this fun meme!