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March (Moonlight) Madness! March 7, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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So March’s full moon will occur on Thursday night, but I’ve learned to reach for Gizmo a night or two earlier, given the statistical propensity for Full Moon nights to be overcast, and also because the moon rises before the light leaves the land, allowing for scale, perspective and a better balance of exposures.

Such was the case yesterday evening, when my up-country meanderings were interrupted by the appearance of the risen moon through a stand of birches up in Hawley:

That one’s courtesy of Ollie, my Lens-In-Residence due to his 24-105mm zoom compositional flexibility.  I dug the red glow of the fading light on the birches and, after driving past this scene, backed up like a crazy man to snap this one off from my driver’s seat.

Then I swapped lenses, putting Gizmo’s 400mm bulk on the box, and headed for the valley.  Here in the hills, I’ve found, if you start up high you can descend below subsequent eastern skylines to photograph a number of “moon rises” set against varying backgrounds.

Next up was a re-rising moon over Shelburne’s Mount Massamet:

…and a bit later, from back up in Hawley, this surreal take on the moon-in-clouds meme:

I wasn’t really prepared for the shift in hues as the rising Earth-shadow enveloped the moon, but dug it nonetheless.

I’d headed back up-country to try to find a clear western horizon to catch the fading sunset, which I just barely did:

There’s something about the complexity of The Chase in full moon and sunset photography which approximates for me in a strange way the puzzle and anticipation of my former avocation, rock climbing.

Go figure.

At any rate, this stuff is immeasurably easier to share on Teh Webz.