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The Wolf Moon. January 31, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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January’s full moon goes by an array of names, but the one most logically and consistently applied is the Wolf Moon.  Hungry wolves, leaned and stressed by Winter’s dirth of prey, bayed in baleful choruses as the well-lit winter nights offered them yet another chance to find a meal.  Aboriginal Americans took note, and kept their children close to home.

Because full moons work their magic on both the tides and the skies, the likelyhood of clouds and “weather” increases as the moon fills out.  But winter, with its drier air, seems less prone to matching a full moon to a cloudy sky.

So here are a few lucky shots from this month’s full moon, acquired by catching the actual moonrise from way up in Florida:

…and dropping down into the Deerfield River valley for subsequent “risings,” as seen against different skylines:

These last two, taken after the sun’s afterglow had faded, remind me of the Moody Blues lyric:

“Cold hearted orb which rules the night

Robs the color from our sight.

Red is grey, and yellow, white;

and We decide which is right,

And which is an illusion.”