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Busy With Division November 5, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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For some people, “othering ” is big business.

Consider, if you will, any Main Stream Media circus, and let’s narrow it down to a Sunday morning talking-head show, where pundits and commentators with differing perspectives come together to find common ground gouge each others eyes out with forks.

The scene:

The “green room,” where guests chow down on donuts and scratch their balls (or adjust their boobs) while they’re waiting to go “on-air.”


“Say, Cal, I really enjoyed your piece in The Post. Lots of good points there, I agreed with a lot of what you had to say.”


“Gee, thanks Bob. Where did you disagree? Perhaps we can discuss it.”

Producer walks in and overhears.

“Now boys, boys! Knock it off! We have a show to do in five minutes!”

Ah, the Big Business of Othering. The box-office take of a Heavy-Weight Match wedded to the spectacle of a bitch-slap ass-kickin’ cat fight.

Bread and Circus.

It’s not much of a stretch to anyone in possession of that rare combination, a television and a functioning brain, to imagine that there are plenty of people in the broadcast industry, and plenty in the Political Thought industry, who promote the head-on collisions they bring us in the guise of “dialog” on topics of presumed importance to Americans.

And We The People, in hugely embarrassing numbers, lap it up like dogs on puke.

So it was with some interest that I listened to Bob Beckel, a Democrat and long time political operative, and Cal Thomas, a Republican and a syndicated columnist, discuss their recently released book detailing their experiences and perceptions as frequent guests on the talking-head circuit.

Yup, it’s 99 and 44/100% pure Bread and Circus. Agreement is anathema, consensus is cordially invited to Get The Fuck Out.

The book: “Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America.

From the authors’ descriptions, it promises to be an exposé about the quest for ratings and their concomitant advertising dollars by peddling division and disagreement like they were selling hot dogs at a home game.

I find it interesting to hear these voices form different camps building this particular bridge at this particular time. And I wonder if they’re the tip of a whistle-blowing iceberg, or just a couple of shrewd operators running with their noses up in the air, following the scent of an easy dollar.

At any rate, these two “gentlemen” (and I use the term loosely,) being insiders in the scene and having their respective coteries of followers, might just introduce the concept of “othering” to a phalanx or two of Fox aficionados, they being the audience most likely to be regaled with the frequent fisticuffs of these socio-political pugilists.

I wonder how many will get it, will understand that they’re being played, that the M$M is peddling moats while our Country need bridges.

Only time will tell.