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It All Falls Down. July 7, 2011

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Nightfall, rainfall, moonset – it all falls down, except the mists rising from the forests as the last light paints the clouds in Glory:

I might be unavailable for a couple of days, so I’ll let this be “Goodnight” for now.

Rising Waters. March 8, 2011

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It’s a sure sign of Spring’s approach when the Deerfield begins to rise, and though it’s not really in “Spring Flood” stage, it’s certainly up from a couple of days ago.

The dam at Salmon Falls:

…and looking upriver from the Buckland side:

Up close it’s a swirling miasma of mists, making one grateful for the railing at the overlook:

That’s a far cry and a deep shudder from the idyllic swimming hole of Summer.

And yet, above the tumult hovers a reminder that there’s beauty in everything, if one looks at it in the right light:

It’s hard to believe the high country is still so tightly gripped by Winter, but it is!

More on that, next.


After The Rain February 13, 2008

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After a pre-dawn episode of one-armed scraping and shoveling in a driving sleet storm;

After a long, wet day of working on setting up a new bridge job in the pouring rain;

After a slow, harrowing drive down a rural highway to “the big city;”

After a relatively painful but productive session of PT;

I made it up to the High Country just as the insistent rains broke, just as the mists rose from the roiling river, just as the evening light came through a thinning of the clouds, just in time for this:


This place is like a salve on my soul; it always gives me a reason to rejoice.