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Where The Day Took Me. October 12, 2008

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It took me up into the hills, of course.  Up where patches of milkweed stand, penetrated by thrusts of light, engulfed in the October sun:

I edged my way down to Pelham Brook, well below the probing rays of the sun, to get these images:

…of Leaves Abandoned, of Water Frenetic:

And finally, a slow ride home in the filtered light of Autumn:

Thank You, Mother Earth.  Thank You, Father Sky.

Off To NY… November 18, 2007

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…for what should be a great show – the Songs of the Spirit Tour, featuring Odetta, Hugh Masekela, a group of Tibetan monks, a Kenyan children’s choir, Haale, and more. Spectacular! Full report in the near future.

Meanwhile, here are a few images from recent days to fill up the page:

Milkweed seeds


Queen Ann’s Lace at Sunrise


Have a great night, and I will, too!

Another Day, Another Miracle July 1, 2007

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Milkweed Blossoms.


Fragrant, beautiful, and delicious – battered, deep-fried and drizzled with local maple syrup for a special breakfast. A favorite of Monarch Butterflies and Old Hippy Nature Freaks. Yum!

They’re Heeeeeere… June 14, 2007

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Mmmmmmmm, milkweed blossoms! These are perfect, still closed but showing color, about to become umbels of fragrant flowers of the most beautiful shade of coral. Snip ’em, rinse ’em to get rid of the latex “milk” and to flush out these:


then steam or saute them with a little butter or tamari.

If they’re more pink than green, dip them in a thin pancake batter and deep-fry them into amazing fritters, drizzle with maple syrup and have a breakfast feast courtesy of your nearest unplowed field.

Delicious, organic, totally free food. Enjoy!