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Nature, Nurture, And How We Meld The Two. June 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I generally don’t photograph anything which doesn’t occur naturally, and only thus warrant the tag, “nature photographer.”

And I kinda like that, being a voice for the voiceless things and places and spaces which make up the better part of my world. Because knowing about the world around us engenders caring about the world around us. How can we not embrace the natural world when its detail is shown to us, its mystery presented to us as an offering, an extended hand, an invitation to know?

But sometimes the Made World intrudes, and in fact informs my images, as with photos of the Shelburne Falls potholes which include the dam and surrounding buildings.

And within spiting distance (well, ok, you’d need a vicious Easterly wind) is The Bridge Of Flowers, certainly a magnet for visitors, but more to the point, a sanctuary in the heart of a small river town, a bit of beauty which wouldn’t be there but for the vision and efforts of those who fund and maintain it:

So here are a few shots of what’s blooming there this weekend, just in case you happen to be in the area (or are nowhere near here, Thank you Interwebz!):

Here’s a great color combination, a rich yellow/orange and an intense blue, it almost doesn’t matter which blue you choose. Thank You, Malcolm Hilliard:

Here’s a dahlia of some kind, much less flamboyant than most of its family, but I liked its simplicity:

And I photographed these little guys last year, and didn’t catch their names:

They’re osteospermum, the Sunscape Daisies.

The Bridge is too pretty to not share when it’s in bloom, so please excuse my foray into “cultivated nature.”