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Yet More Reasons Why I Live Here: June 18, 2007

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‘Cause it’s purdy:


…and it’s cool here when it’s hot out…


And because there are enough of us progressives here so that I don’t feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land.

I’m a lucky guy.

GAWD I Love This Place! May 24, 2007

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I live out in the hills. Two hours from anything, they say, and four hours from anything important. No television reception, no cell phone coverage, half an hour to the grocery store. And I’m “in town!” Folks up the hill from me are lucky to get pavement on their roads!

So why, you ask, do I live here?

Because I can. Because it’s friggin’ beautiful. Because it’s idyllic in the summer, awesome in the winter, magical in the spring and perfect in the fall.

This is where I live:


Pretty sweet. If you can live without Starbucks and The Mall, that is.

Actually, this post is just an excuse to try my hand at putting up photos, which I haven’t done yet because I’m a bloob. That’s a blogging noob, starting now. Because this is MY BLOG, and I said so.

Being little, I get to notice the little things. Like this moss:moss-flower-1.jpg

As the Late, Great Kurt V. might have said, “You big sweaty Americans” would probably have missed these, as

a) they’re only 1-2 millimeters across, and

b) you’re way up there!

But don’t sweat it, folks – I got yer toes!