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Sea-Side Saturday! November 23, 2010

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I went back East this weekend for the third Saturday in a row – a record for me, as I’m more of a mountain-type guy, but hey, one mustn’t be narrow, eh?

So I packed up Friday night and, at the invitation of my friends and local housemates Lizz and Holly, spent the night at their place in Arlington with the intention of catching sunrise on The Coast with Lizz.

We got up a bit after 4am, and I have to say, I’m glad Lizz was driving (she always does!)  I swilled a cup of coffee from the first place we encountered which was open, but that didn’t prevent me from drifting in and out of a pleasant stupor as we headed east, then north.

Our first stop was a lighthouse known as “The Nubble,” and our timing was close to perfect – the first hint of light was growing in the East, allowing us to pick our way down the rocks and set up just above the rising tide.

It was still dark enough to get some really long (15+ second) exposures, and we did:

I was pleased at the way the waves came and went and left their ghosts on the jagged rocks.

The sea itself was magnificent as the sky grew radiantly red.  I played with my graduated filters, then did virtually nothing to these two shots in post-processing:


As the dawn progressed the colors were swallowed by thickening clouds, muting the landscape of crashing waves and tortured granite:

But alas, it was friggin’ freezing out there, with the wind lashing at out coats and tripods so that we had to hang on to everything:

…and as the light flattened, we bundled ourselves back into Lizz’s truck and trundled off to a big breakfast at a place which came highly recommended, and proved to be worthy of every word spoken on its behalf.

Man, that was a great way to wake up!

I’ll have the rest of the day’s catch up soon – right now it’s getting late, and I have another 4am wake-up scheduled, this time for work at a bit of a distance from home.

G’Night!  😉

Ruby Tuesday – In The Snow. December 7, 2009

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A pre-dawn shot of a fella shooter.  Lizz Bartlett on the bank of the Deerfield river, capturing a gibbous moon:

…and a shot without the human element, and thus sporting a more dilute rubiness:

I know, that’s stretching the envelope a bit, but it’s what’s cookin’ this week.

For more (and more pronouncedly) ruby photos, stop by Mary’s place, Work of the Poet.

Waking To Snow. December 6, 2009

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Went to bed last night with a light snow falling, and woke to a blanket of white.

My housemate Lizz is an early riser, and a dependable pre-dawn go-getter, so of course I had no choice other than to be up at the crack of black with the intention of being “in position” for the impending sunrise.

We chose a spot along the Deerfield river and headed out.  The air was bitter cold, and I was prepared to suffer for my art, as I’ve yet to locate my winter hats and gloves, MIA over the last two months of moving, unmoving and removing.

Don’t ask.  It’s complicated.

At any rate, we arrived at our destination in the thin light of a gibbous waning moon and a sun not quite ready to rise.

A short tromp through ankle-deep snow gained us the river’s edge and front row seats to the birthing of a December day:

The sky was merely adequate to warrant our efforts, but one makes the call early, then gets what one gets:

Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but some days as I’m totally busy driving to work the sky does much more amazing things.  I chock these mornings up as personal gifts, inexplicably not meant to be shared.

Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just deal with them.

At any rate, Lizz and I shot ’till the light came up and the color faded:

By then my fingers were getting a bit club-like, and my camera battery was dying, as I’d been using a power-sucking “live view” camera feature to assist in focusing Elliot, my TS-E II lens.  Lizz was ready to keep going:

…but I was ready to get going, so she graciously acquiessced.

See some of this amazing lady’s amazing work here.  Click the “portfolios” tab at the top and prepare to be amazed.

Thanks, Lizz, for a great morning out!

A Virtual Vacation! November 24, 2007

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I’m poor, you know, so I don’t get around much these days.

Not that I haven’t ever, mind you; as a Young Turk I traveled some, and fell madly in live with the Southwest. Deep canyons, high mountains, expansive views… breathtaking!

So it was with some measure of enthusiasm and excitement that I heard the word of my dear friend Lizz Bartlett’s recent return from a trip out west, camera in hand and pen at the ready.

By way of introduction, I’m happy to say that Lizz is my part-time meat-world neighbor, living literally one mile down river from me. She’s a research biochemist in the Boston area, an awesome ice climber (which is how we met,) and an inordinately fine human being.

She’s also a gifted and dedicated photographer, so when Lizz travels, I eagerly await her photo-enhanced trip reports.

Lizz’s visit to Zion National Park is documented here. Check it out!