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Regarding Fathers’ Day. June 16, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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I’ve never been all that comfortable with the concept of Fathers’ Day.  It always seemed like a Hallmark Opportunity which played on a sense of entitlement which we Fathers have, due to the investments we make in our children.

Tonight, listening to a local folk music program on the radio (I wonder how many of you have that luxury,) I saw things differently.

The song which prompted this post was Jonathan Edwards’ “Little Hands,” which I saw him perform live in the 80’s.

And tonight, I cried.

I thought of the journey my daughters’ little hands have made, from meconium-covered straws to capable tools, into which I entrust the future of the world.  From helpless chubby knuckles to the slender implements which will carry on the work of all good people, the work of pursuing justice for those below them on the Have Scale, demanding accountability from those above them on the Have Scale, insisting on some measure of goodness in this world.

My two girls have taught me so much about being a man, about being worthy of their respect, that there’s very little I can say to express my gratitude to them beyond, “Thank you.”

Meredith, Ursula, your beauty and integrity are the greatest gifts a father could ever wish for.

Teach your parents well.

Happy Fathers’ Day, my children.