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Humbly, Thank You. March 3, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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At some point this past weekend my site-meter registered twenty thousand page views.

This blows my mind. The fact that I, a shy little country man who may not have had twenty thousand conversations in his protracted life has had that many interactions with YOU, my friends here in the ‘sphere, leaves me speechless, humbled, grateful.

I’m well aware that most of you probably first came here when I had things to say, about politics and society and life and love. And I’m painfully aware that that well has run low and turgid for some time now. For that presumptive bait-and-switch, I apologize. It’s primarily, I think, a matter of not wanting to paraphrase the more lucid offerings of those of you with televisions, access to CNN, MSNBC, real connections to the day’s events, and minds sharp enough to explain it all to me.

Please know that your insights and interpretations resonate in my heart, fuel the fires of my resistance, feed the flames of my passionately burning mind. You teach me, you guide me, you sustain me.

And what have I to offer you in return for this great gift?

I have a connection to a disappearing Nature, a Sky beset by unnatural pressures, an Earth in Crisis. I have a mind tuned to the seasons, an eye calibrated to the Things Unnoticed, a perspective informed by my burning desire to know Father Sky, Mother Earth, the Universe.

I’m finding that my mission statement has changed, from socio-political rabble-rouser to something softer, the whisper of a breeze in the forest, the gentle popping of a brook heading toward a river. My futile attempts at sharing my visions of God with you are hopefully better than not making the effort, though doubtless fall far short of conveying to you the gift I receive every time I walk out of my front door.

At any rate, I’m reduced to showing you The World As I See It, and, of course, my dinners.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit and share my visions, and thank you all for being my inspiration, my reason for being here, my heroes.