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To Paraphrase A Smart Man, December 11, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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“There is no equality as long as any among us is not equal.”

And here in America, it’s generally assumed that one in ten of us is not equal, based solely on our sexual orientation or gender identity.

That’s one hell of a lot of inequality.

We, the “A” Team (of LGBTQ&A fame,) would do well to keep the struggle for equality alive.  Because trust me, the people who flooded the California media with lies to pass Prop 8 have no intention of giving up until Our Constitution is replaced with Their Bible.

And not just in the Sun-Addled Belt, where bigots seem to feel comfortable congregating in plain sight.  There are plenty of Nominal Christians in this country who will advocate following you all the way home to make sure you’re not behaving in violation of their religion.

It’s called “Theocracy,” folks.  This is how it starts.

When we allow laws to stand which discriminate against our LGBTQ neighbors, or when we allow States and localities to fund Ignorance as Sex Education, we give them pieces of their puzzle.  You’ve made puzzles, haven’t you?  It’s hard getting started, there are so many pieces to choose from.  But as you get things systemized, sorted out, it gets easier, and the pieces begin to flow: stem cell research, cloning, choice, CHOICE dammit, evolution, contraception, yeah, they’re workin’ on that,  the right to die with dignity, The First Amendment.

Because in a Theocracy, dissent isn’t patriotic.  It’s heresy.

And if you think the American Inquisition couldn’t happen, you wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake.

So when a full-page gay-bashing slandering othering indictment incitement to Bare-Chested Nationalism ad appears in that famously left-wing rag, The New York Times, linking opposition to Prop 8 to the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, I Shit You Not,  I start looking for ways in which we can pool our resources to fight back, to shout down the lies with Truth, to challenge the legality of ballot measures which discriminate.

The link above is to a letter from the Human Rights Campaign, folks who are doing just that.  Support them if you can; their work is important.

Because the lies worked in California, and if they’re not adequately met with resounding rebukes from Our Side, they’ll work in New York as well, then in Connecticut, then in Massachusetts.

All it will take for this injustice to prevail will be for People of Good Conscience to do nothing.

That would be paraphrasing another smart man.

Thank you for your time.

– Ralph