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A Message To Homophobes. March 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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So over at Shakesville there’s a thread responding to a(nother) recent Jay Leno Homophobic Moment.

Seems Jay loves him some Homo jokes, ’cause, you know, Fags are so, well, Gay.

And a few (well ok, quite a few) folks have submitted photos to Melissa expressing their deep appreciation for Mr. Leno’s sensitivity, solidarity and class.

As did I. But because I’m kind of a spaz, and because I don’t know how to send a goddam e-mail in Yahoo-friggin’-whatever, I’m not really sure I got my message across.

So I’ll repeat it here, at the risk of being redundant:

FUCK YOU, JAY. You’re not funny, unless “lookin'” is the criterion. You’re a vapid shadow of your once edgy self. You’ve sold out to your Corporate Pimps, and you suck ass.


I’m not really sure if this will dispel the recent rumors of my Bad-Assedness, but I do expect it to cause a little talk on the construction site.