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Today. November 3, 2010

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Sunrise over North Adams:

Hand-held in low light at ISO 3200; sorry ’bout the grain.

After work, high on Mount Greylock, I came across a small stagnant pool:

…and made something else of it entirely.  I like the way the elements of this one came together, with the only sunlit vegetation in the scene suggesting a blazing sun and the trees seemingly being re-leaved.

Higher, I caught this detail of icicles adorning a road-cut:

The surface was decorated with a strange, raised crazing which looked alive, and I dug it.

I hope you dig it too.

All shots with my 16-35mm L-series lens which, surprisingly, focused down to about 8″ for that last shot!


Ice Islands. February 16, 2010

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In this case, in Pelham Brook in Charlemont:

A frozen river with a tint of Spring!

Welcome To Florida! December 14, 2008

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…Florida Massachusetts,  that is.

And yes, our ancestors had a sense of humor:


That’s about an inch and a half of ice.

The Elk On The Trail has a shiny coat, and it ain’t from eating eggs!


There are line and tree workers everywhere:


The ground has a strange, pebbled texture in some places:


Estimates are approaching one million homes without power here in the Northeast, and if you’re off the main roads, you can expect to remain powerless for days:


I suspect these folks fall into that group.

With temps in the teens at night, there will be a lot of burst pipes when the power comes back on.  People with wood stoves are sticking close to home, trying to keep things warm enough to prevent damage.

This is a crappy time to incur thousands of dollars worth of bills for re-plumbing and water damaged walls.

I’m feeling very lucky to have been spared that fate.

A Walk Along The West. December 6, 2008

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On a hot tip from my dear friend and neighbor Frau Biergut, I took a short hike up along the West River in southern Vermont.

And though I got there late, and the light was leaving, I managed to get set up and snap off a few shots with Gizmo, My Big Tool.

River Rocks, striped with ice by subsequent nights of wicked lows:


And some very long exposures of icicles dangling their Important Parts in the passing river:





Thanks for the tip, Lizz!

Odds ‘N’ Ends. December 1, 2008

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Random photos from the past week, some with snow and some without.  Sorry for the temporal non sequitur.

Inclement Weather – firs in a fog:


…and a snow squall in the High Country:


…and an eddy in the West Branch of the Deerfield crystallizes on a sunless morning:


Damned cold, it was.

Here’s something a tad greener, another shot from Williamstown:


Similar to an Autumn shot I posted.

Here’s one of me deep in the bowels of a huge split boulder:


That felt kind of surreal.

And of course, a sunset, or what has come closest to passing for one this past week:


And that is all.

In The High Plains Of Hawley February 3, 2008

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Up in Hawley, Friday’s ice storm survived another warm and windy day, clinging tenaciously to the trees and bushes. Rare patches of sunlight danced across the fields and seemed to illuminate the woods from within.


Ice-clad tree rows clattered in the breeze, marking the path of a gravel road through the potato fields.


Every twig and bramble stood erect, motionless, capturing the wan light, refining it, incorporating it into its structure.


Deep within the frozen tangle, Sleeping Beauty waits for the kiss of Spring.


Yesterday’s Catch February 1, 2008

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The dam at Shelburne Falls:


…with an interesting texture:


The Longest Season December 10, 2007

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This came to me as I took my Sunday Walkabout up in the woods of Monroe, in a foot of powder snow at the beginning of December.


So you bought that piece of Heaven

Up in the hills, did you?

Where Spring comes in Summer

And Winter in Fall?

Well I hope you like The Longest Season,

‘Cause Buddy, you

Just married it.

You Interrupted Me! November 19, 2007

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Now look what you did. You interrupted me, as if my freezing weren’t even important to you. I wait all year, all year, and when the time is finally right I begin, the way I rehearsed it in my head since the Last Time, when you interrupted me with snow, heavy, sinking snow, and I disappeared below the surface and became a canvass of frozen sludge of varying densities, emerging as a crusty gray thing, condemned to a winter of dampness and dim light.

Oh, how I longed for Spring, to be freed from that form, made light and liquid, given another chance.

And here it is cold, and here I am freezing, and here you are interrupting me again, with your Johnny-Come-Lately windfall and your branch sticking up, your influence radiating in raised ridges as if I were flowing, flowing of all things, when I’m trying to freeze.


All my life I’ve longed for the Clear Complexion of Tranquility, and year after year, there you are, Life, Fate, Happenstance,

Interrupting me!