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Stream Details. February 1, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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This winter has been ugly here in Western Massachusetts, brown and dirty and lacking the cleansing effect proffered by copious new snow.  I’d looked forward to this all year, but have thus far been denied, fed instead a daily diet of the reality of Winter 2012.

But if one looks closely at the details, the coarser whole can be divided into its many beautiful parts.  Look towards the light, look around the uninvited complications, and there’s surely something worth seeing.

Along a stream tumbling down from the heights of Beartown State Forest in Lee, Massachusetts, truncated icicles depend from a birch log:

The spray from the roiling waters alternately douses anything close to its surface and washes away its frozen creations, leaving art in its place:

The cold, cold waters reminded me of a pretty little slurry with a fringe on the top:

It was a balm to me to get close to these ethereal forms, and I thanked the combination of the right lens (Ollie) and the right boots (waders) which allowed me to take these photos and share them with you