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A December Night. December 13, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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It’s snowing, or approximating snow as it does in these parts.  The darkness outside the kitchen window is populated by fleeting visions of white, whirling, driven, then gone like thoughts, to be replaced by others doing different dances, now fast and frantic, then slow and lazy, drifting aimlessly earthward before catching a gust and getting gone.

The wind rises, pours past like a rushing river, a torrent of souls bound for who-knows-where, each fleck and flake bursting into existence and as suddenly vanishing, taking its moment in time with it, never to return.

Out beyond the kitchen window prayer flags beat themselves to shreds, giving up ghosts of frayed filaments for the old folks with no living friends, the working Joes with no jobs, the children whose futures are as dusty and hungry and pointless as their pasts.

Inside, the quavering whistle of the singing tea-pot reels me back from the beyond, back to the now of the night, the need for another log in the wood stove, the realization of just how blessed my penny-counting life is in a world where warmth in winter is a fabled commodity.

I’m grateful for the cold, and grateful that it’s out there.

Happy Birthday (Plus One)… July 22, 2007

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…to Phydeaux over at Phydeau Speaks. This comes a day late, as I got in “last night” at around, oh, today.

Anyway, P-Dawg is hovering in the fractionally undifferentiated vicinitude of 7-1/2 (dog years, that is.) I’m right behind you, Big Guy – September has my cross to bear 😉

I’d like to take this opportunity to say just a couple of serious words, without my usual snark or attempts at humor.

I’m pretty disgusted with how the world is turning these days and with the part our government plays in supporting the Corporate Conquest of Everything. A few months back I stumbled onto the Blogosphere via Blue Gal, who introduced me to Melissa at Shakesville, who’s frequent visitors included Phydeaux, whose friends DCup and Teh Portly Dyke caught my eye…

See how that works? Suddenly I find myself surrounded by the lucid voices of intelligent, concerned people who think with a clarity to which I can only aspire, expressing themselves with an eloquence which humbles me. It’s made my world a better place and given me real hope that things can be turned around, because dammit, We The People really are out there!

Thank you all for being there, for being my reason for hope and trust and optimism.

And thanks, Phydeaux, for being such an important link in that chain.