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About Town. July 13, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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An evening walk from Shelburne to Buckland along, you guessed it, the Bridge of Flowers:

Man, these folks put a ton of forethought into this local gem, as well as plenty of good ol’ elbow grease.

A Crocosmia,  common name “Lucifer:”

An Eryngium,  or Sea Holly, cultivar “Blue Saphire:”

…very cool plant, a favorite of the Bridge’s bees:

I put my camera away at least three times, only to take it out again as the light changed:

Looks like the lawn ain’t gettin’ mowed tonight.



This Little Guy Had Style! July 15, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I know, “guy” is kinda anthropormorphic, and sexist to boot.

So sue me, it just fell out.

But style he/she/it had, from it’s balls-out approach pattern (“all in!”)

Gotta love that “Geronimo!” attitude!

…to its totally competent contact with a moving object (it was windy):

To this full-tilt re-do, ’cause apparently a nice placid crash landing didn’t use up enough Agro-Juice™ to sate this little critter:

Gawd I’m glad we’re not that size, ’cause that thing might lunch on me!