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Hay Wagon. September 18, 2011

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Up in Hawley, the next town south of here, a hay wagon sits patiently as its grass grows:

Elliot snagged this scene, from the grass beneath my feet to the distant horizon.

Gawd,  I love that boy!  😉


Winter Views. January 28, 2011

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Here in The Berkshires we’ve been getting a pretty good dose of Winter.  It reminds me of the Big Snows of my childhood memories, and frankly, I like it.

January has been both snowy and icy, with the trees up in the hills encased in ice for the last many days.  Here are a few shots of that.

Mount Greylock, our highest point, from a distance:

That’s the Veterans’ Memorial Tower and the AMC’s Bascomb Lodge on top taken from miles away, courtesy of Gizmo.

A roadside maple magically encased in ice fog:

A barn slumbering in the stillness of snow:

Farm machinery takes a break:

A logging operation awaits warmer weather:

The main road to/through Upper Florida glows in late afternoon:

A fox’s trail through deep snow:

And finally, as the day ends, a look back toward where i began:

Despite the travails of winter living in these parts, the beauty of it keeps me here.

Thanks for sharing my day.


Black And White On Ice. January 20, 2011

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Here are a few Black & Whites from our recent ice storm.

North Union Street in Plainfield:

Blackbirds on ice in Hawley:

…and, finally, black cherries in a mixed forest, again up in Plainfield:

Ice storms have their own inherent black-and-whiteness which renders the colors within almost irrelevant.

Next post, more barn shots!  😉

Ice Storm Blues. January 19, 2011

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We’ve had quite a winter storm here over the last couple of days, with heavy, wet snow followed by sleet and freezing rain.  It’s made driving perilous, and shut down schools and some state offices and businesses.

Today seemed to be the end of it, at least until Thursday night when we’re expected to get the next Weather Event.

And being that we had some iced trees down here in the river bottom, I figured it might be interesting to get up into the hills to see what had accumulated there.

The answer, of course, was…ice!

Here’s a shot I took up in Hawley of a fallow field as sunset approached:

It was snowing lightly but insistently, and I got a bit of it on my lens.  I kinda liked the effect, so I left it.

I’ll have a few more to share with you later, though they’ll probably be black and whites, as the light was generally pretty flat.

For now, it’s “G’Night, Folks!”

Lupines In Hawley. June 9, 2010

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Up in Hawley sits a lupine field which has been growing for years, planted by a woman whose children are presently quite elderly.  It’s a magical place, set in a hollow in the hills (Pudding Hollow, to be precise,) and catches the clouds on days like today:

A short while back my friend Lizz and I visited on a sunnier day, and the blooms were spectacular:

I was particularly taken by the coral ones:

…and by their juxtaposition with other wildflowers like this buttercup:

It’s a really cool spot, and with the short window of lupine blooms, has to be appreciated while the appreciatin’s good.

And I’m happy to be able to share them with you.

Ruby Tuesday: Dreaming Of Spring! January 12, 2010

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I’m a big fan of winter here in the Berkshires, but when it comes to Rubyliciousness, things tend to lean out after the Holiday rush.

So here’s one from the archives, a farm up in Hawley, with forsythia bushes:

I posted a version of this when I first took it back in ’08, but I don’t think it was a Ruby Tuesday post.


Oh, and scope out more Ruby Tuesday posts by following the links over at Work of the Poet!

Frozen River. January 6, 2010

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Rivers in these parts supply, incongruously, some of the best (and only) color evident in our landscape.  Fresh snow piles up on rocks rising above the water’s surface; then, as melting on the hillsides propels the rivers’ rise, the snow-mallows are engulfed, reflecting back to our wondering eyes a surreal green light:

Here are a few shots of the Chickley River, flowing down through Hawley toward Charlemont.  The first one is looking upstream:

And the second, looking down:

A bit of green to tide us over ’till Spring!

A Crescent Moon… December 23, 2009

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…and Saturn, high above a skyline in Hawley, MA:

I like this shot for its simplicity, its visual honesty.  It looked just like this when I took it.

Hope you like it, too.

Evening Light. December 14, 2008

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Up in the hills of Hawley, hoping for a sunset.

My neighbor, Frau Biergut braves the Frostbite Weather:


What’s she lookin’ at??


Oh, wait…  that’s what I was lookin’ at!

With Gizmo.

Here’s a last-light shot:


Not flashy, but that’s what there was.