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A Haunted Corn Maze! October 26, 2012

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If you’re out in these parts as Halloween approaches, here’s something you might enjoy: the Hick’s Family Farm Corn Maze in Charlemont, MA. It’s right on Route 2, easy to find, and surrounded by lots of other stuff worth doing on a late Autumn weekend.

This weekend sees Act Two of the Hicks family turning their popular Corn Maze into a phantasm of gore and glee – they did it last weekend as well, but this incarnation of the unincarnated is closer to Halloween, and thus more relevant in the popular mind.

Go if you can, but if you can’t, here are a few shots from my visit, just before it got too dark to shoot and the live people showed up.

A Scare-Crow competition, with a local butcher ( an historical figure in town) as the winner:

A couple of the apparitions who will greet you along the path, but with their eyes glowing in the post-sunset gloom:

Yeah  they’re spooky. But there’s a lot more beans I won’t spill. I’ll just recommend you bring a change of pants.

And dig the Jack-O-Lanterns while you’re there:

Happy Halloween, in case I’m without power on the Actual Day due to Storm Sandy!

All Souls’ Day. October 31, 2010

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To those of you who observe such heathen traditions…  Happy Halloween!

I got home this evening to find this ghoulish sight, the handiwork of Ms. LuMena.  We’re a dark mile from the village center and probably won’t get any tender little mooches for the stew pot, but we’re making the best of it and sacrificing a chicken.

Gotta go now, I left the broom double-parked.

Evernight November 1, 2007

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In the depths of Evernight

with the chill fingers of Hell pulling at your spine

and the weight of clay filling your sunken eyes,

you wait. Didn’t they tell you?

This is forever!


The cemetery on the river’s edge below Zoar Gap.

Have a truly horrible Halloween.

Who Says I’m Strange!!! October 30, 2007

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Make up: $20


Wig: $4


Skirt: Had it. Don’t ask.


Shoes!! $4


Fishnets: $9 (damn!)


Tits and a Bra: $6


The Total Package: Priceless!


Meet Idaho. Hey, Montana was already taken…