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A Half-Moon… November 2, 2011

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…rises over Pelham Lake in Rowe, Massachusetts:

This shot is a collaboration between my eyes (hey, I saw it first! ), the Mad Skilz of Elliot, who laid a vertical plane of sharp focus along the shoreline rock and trending toward the rising half-moon (1-1/2 degrees of swing,) and Photoshop, which allowed me to shoot fast (4 seconds) in the waning light and still be able to adjust the exposure later, bring up the dark areas, and sharpen it a bit.  Still, it involved a funky set-up with me lying in the pond-side mud and holding a reverse graduated filter reeeely  still for the duration of the exposure, so I won’t be falsely humble regarding the results.  I hope you like it.

This was the first time in eons  that the wind was calm enough to capture a reflection, and I loved it enough to get disgustingly muddy.  We’re deep into Ugly Season, with most views being primarily brown and most waterways (my favored venues) being littered with the destruction of Irene.  So it pleases me to find anything, anything  which looks at all natural these days.

Thank you, Pelham Lake.  Thank you, Rowe.

And thank you  for visiting.

It All Falls Down. July 7, 2011

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Nightfall, rainfall, moonset – it all falls down, except the mists rising from the forests as the last light paints the clouds in Glory:

I might be unavailable for a couple of days, so I’ll let this be “Goodnight” for now.

Ruby Tuesday – Summer Solstice Edition! June 22, 2010

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Spent Saturday evening/night at the Three Sisters Sanctuary and Good Time Stove Company in Goshen, MA:

…where there was a (slightly early) Solstice party.

This place is amazing, from its thirty foot tin tinsmith (on the far left, above)  to its twenty foot welded bicycle arch:

…painted in primary colors ( including Ruby, you know) and looked down on by flaming clouds and a waxing past-half moon.

There are great mosaiced amphitheatres and fanciful stonescapes:

…and of course, the Great Dragon fireplace was fired up, and as the light waned the Great Thing’s mouth belched smoke and sparks:

This shot was a bit early for that, but shows a little of the sixty-foot-long stone dragon, its spine protected by plates of orange and blue and Ruby and green sea glass:

…and chunks of crystal and amber and coral:

…and plastic Super Heroes and ceramic figures and bronze miniatures:

…this one taken as the light faded to black and the ambient illumination transitioned to torches.

And at every turn of each stone pathway, a surprise, like this four-foot Buddha, shrouded in shells and buried in beads:

…and the occasional stray griffin, with its distinctly Ruby eyes.  This place is not at all shy about mixing its metaphors.

That last shot and these next two were taken in near total darkness, illuminated only by distant torches.  There was insufficient light to employ my camera’s auto-focus, not even enough to see if I was manually focused, but measurements were taken and a ten second timer was used, with adjustments made by the camera’s blinking light as it counted down to zero.

The Details –

A beaded face:

And a shelly belly:

…both distinctly Ruboid, thanks to the faraway firelight and the miracle of thirty second exposures.

And as the house rock band ended it’s final set (to my great relief; I assumed their hearts were in the right place, though it was painfully obvious that their fingers were not,) the fire dancers mesmerized on a Stonehenge lawn, twirling flaming batons and impossibly seductive hoops:

…and making me seriously consider shaving my arm pits.

I guess you had to be there.

I was there, and documented my presence with this artsy-fartsy shot in which I hoped the arbor vitaes in the background would lend a Van Gaugh-ish aire:

Susan says I look more like Pablo Picasso (ughh!)

I know, it’s a bit blurry.  But it’s at ISO 3200, and you try standing still for a twenty-second exposure!

And above it all, a Ruby Moon, disguising its rubiliciousness in a veil of white, as per The Moody Blues:

“Cold-hearted orb which rules the night,

Robs the colours from our sight.

Red is grey, and yellow, white

And WE decide which is right

And which is an illusion!”

– The Moody Blues

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this fun meme, with apologies for the Shots Less Ruby.


Sunset, Moonrise. January 24, 2010

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Half-moons are an odd lot; if they’re waxing, they rise mid-day, like the two idle classes here in America.  If they’re waning, they rise around midnight, like the graveyard-shift working poor and the junkies and the lost souls whose fortunes are likewise waning.

But I digress.

Here’s a shot of Friday’s sunset on tracks in the snow:

…and Saturday’s mid-day moonrise:

Given a good polarizer and cooperative weather, this last week approaching the full moon makes for what are to me the most interesting moon shots.


A Stealth Shoot. January 9, 2010

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The local landmark known as “The Pot-Holes,” a.k.a. Salmon Falls on the Deerfield river, has of late been heavily posted “No Trespassing,” and in fact fenced off with a quite formidable deployment of barbed wire.

I protest.

Yes, I understand that every summer throngs of people descend on it, lying about in the sun, littering like it didn’t matter, and jumping off high ledges into pools of exceedingly variable depth.  And yes, I know that almost yearly, some city-boob out to prove that Darwin was right, follows a local kid off a high perch and misses the “sweet spot” and has to be helicoptered out on a long board, and that sometimes they don’t make it.

That, I contend, is the price of freedom, the dance of life and death, the continuing story of existence on a planet fraught with hazards and opportunities, but it is not a valid reason to deprive me (or anyone else) of my right to access to public property.

And year-round waterways are, below their usual high water mark, exactly that.

Here are some legally acquired shots of Salmon Falls, with the circuitous approach managed in the pre-dawn twilight so as not to bother the natives.

A half-moon over the hamlet of Shelburne Falls:

Strangely beautiful disks of ice twirl and spin on their laps ’round the eddies as the eastern sky pinks up:

They gather beneath the falls, witnesses to the new dawn:

…and here’s a redux of the first shot, now in the dawn’s early light:

The skies were less than ideal on this exploratory outing and I lacked a few crucial gear items, but I’m expecting to return soon, having ‘scoped things out and assured myself of the access/accessibility.

See you then.

Random Shots. October 6, 2008

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A Building:

A Half Moon:

That is all.