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Flame Grilled! September 24, 2008

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…Veggies from my garden:  summer squash, Hungarian wax papers, and red onions. Veggies from the farmer’s market:  organic wax beans, bought from a farmer who smilingly and lovingly gives all the left-over stuff away at the close of the market.  Seems like he’d rather you have it than see it wilt.

I paid for the beans before closing time, but it was that weekly attitude of his that made me check his stand out first among the many to chose from.

Grilled on the porch/deck, with frequent spoonfuls of olive oil drizzled over it to flame the grill, and a stick chucked in the corner of the grill to let the lid close only half-way, for that smoky effect:

…and served over (sorry to bore you with this stuff, but it’s one of my favorites) fresh mascarpone raviolis:

I was pleasantly surprised that the simple marinade of vinegar, olive oil and tamari, applied a mere 15 minutes before grilling, added so much flavor!

My Pathetic Dinner September 10, 2007

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Q: How fucking pathetic is it when all you have to talk about is “What I Had For Dinner.”

A: Quite.

But nonetheless, I’m going for it.

It always begins the same way. Two bulbs of garlic, cracked and peeled:


Followed by some veggies, preferably a green and a red:


sentenced to “The Grille”:


Followed shortly by boneless chicken in peanut-ginger sauce, with hot peppers from my garden:


With the Resultant Dinner being something of a wonder, Ginger Chicken with Roasted Veggies:


Voila! The end result of a lonely man’s desire for sustenance.

How pathetic is it that I’m blogging about my friggin’ dinner??