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Ruby Tuesday – The Chrysanthemum Show! November 8, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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Spent Sunday afternoon at Smith College, diggin’ the Mum Show with Susan (she has all the best ideas! 😉 )

There were more kinds of Mums than I’d ever imagined!  Here are a few shots from the day.

Cascading mums, trained on screens which are rolled down a bit every couple of days, making for a wall-size display:

Pink Mums:

Red Mums:

Yellow Mums:

Orange Mums:

There were lots of people there, it being opening day, but still, I was surprised to run into Rod Stewart:

Heheh, sorry about that…

My favorites, though, were of a variety called “Wind Dancer:”

They came in lots of colors, but I was partial to these butterscotch ones:

And of course, where there are flowers, there ought to be honey bees:

Couldn’t get her to sit still for me, sorry…

Before we left Susan took a little time out to enjoy the goldfish in the Orchid Room:

…and I took a little time out to enjoy Susan by the goldfish pond!

OK, so they’re not all ruby shots, but I thought enough of them were to pass this off as an RT post!

Besides, there’s plenty more Rubyliciousness over at Mary’s!