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Daisies At a Pond In Rowe. June 11, 2010

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Driving through Rowe after work yesterday (yeah, it’s kinda the long way home) I was slapped silly by a planar clump of daisies along the edge of a pond in Rowe.  It’s the kind of scene which plays well through the eyes of a tilt-shift lens, a rarity in non-planar New England (the Coast excluded.)

On this occasion, under skies carpeted with heavy-bellied clouds, I slammed on the brakes and puled into a ditch to try and beat the rain.   I threw The Unit together, camera and tripod and Elliot, ran across the road, bellied under the guard rail and set up hastily, tilting and shifting like a mad fool.

I didn’t make it.  I got half-way through the set-up, excited about the common plain of the daisies and the snags in the beaver pond, before the skies opened up.  I hunched over the camera, trying to protect the lens’ articulation from the onslaught, and took several bracketed shots at various f-stops, as the tilt function messes up the light meter in the worst way.

So here’s a gift from Elliot, my 24mm Canon TS-E II lens, an image of a pond in Rowe, Massachusetts, flanked by daisies and hawk weed:

This was a gawd-awfully rushed shot, and could have been rendered better; I may try again this weekend.