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The Garden, So Far. May 22, 2012

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Our garden is slowly planting itself, using my enthralled hands.

In the west yard:

In this photo, Brussels sprouts, onions, tarragon, broccoli, sage, strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb, lacinato kale, rainbow chard, celery, radishes, carrots, several squashes, dill, leeks, peas, beets, beans and garlic.  That leaves two and a half beds for the rest of our summer guests…

In the dooryard, the new raised beds now hold garlic, basil and five kinds of tomatoes:

It’s not done, but it’s getting there.

Flowers to follow, and there will be lots of them.

Finally, A Garden. July 3, 2008

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This is my back yard:

…with the Deerfield river rising skyward behind a screen of hardwoods.

I’ve been trying to get a garden going, and in fact started a month ago, but anything resembling greens kept going missing (the tomatoes and hot peppers seemed to not be on the menu.)

The culprits appeared to be a family of woodchucks; I’d seen a big’un and my neighbor had seen two little ones, so there were at least that many to contend with. I considered just sharing, and replanted the kale and chard, but in a few days that too disappeared.

So it was off to Rolling J Farm to borrow a good sized Have-A-Heart.

A couple of days later I came home to a loud rattling of the trap, and found a chucklet:

And not a happy one, either.

We went for a little ride, across town, two rivers and a railroad track to a nice patch of woods and fields, then chucklet went off to make a new home.

The next evening his sibling joined him.

After a couple of nights of no further action, I came home to a message from my aforementioned neighbor, saying there was something big in my trap. I looked out the kitchen window to see…

…that the trap was GONE.

Well, not exactly gone, just far enough downhill from where I’d left it as to not be visible from my window.

I hustled down the steep, weedy slope to find not Mum, but Rocky:

What a sweetie, huh?


Don’t get too close, this little guy has mastered Projectile Biting™. I strongly suggest you trust me on this one; experiential education has its proponents, but they obviously never met Rocky.

Well, he got released pretty much in situ, though I’ll sheepishly admit to being standing in the back of my Subaru with the cage angled steeply down and away from me, on accounta I have tender ankles and ‘coons have a reputation for aggressiveness.

Off he sped, legs furiously pumping their stiff, green gallop…

I digress.

So days went by, and no Mommy-In-The-Box. I bought some Gopher Spurge (euphorbia lathyris) and a few more flats of the cruciferous things and planted them, hoping the combination of spurge and reduced numbers of chucks would prevail.

And just as I was about to declare Limited Success, Ka-Chuuung! [make Law And Order sound]

Yes, it was Mumchuck!

…all excited about her ride to her new home! I could tell ’cause she shit all over my car.

Anyway, with the Chuck Family Reunion firmly under way, my garden is finally in the ground, though it’s little and late.

I wonder if gardens can inherit the gardeners’ genes…?

The only thing currently of any appreciable size (I forgot my macro lense) is the mullein, all happy volunteers which I left in place when I roto-tilled and planted.

What a friggin’ hippie, huh?

But seriously, if nothing else produces this year, at least I got to see these cool units, most as tall as me and still growing, with their warm yellow flower spikes and rosettes of large, velvety leaves:

They’re beautiful both from a distance and up close, being complex and dense and shadowed and softly furred:

So the free food’s on the way, and I’ll be expecting to bore you with half-ripe tomatoes and my first-borne baby onions.

Provided some other critter doesn’t arrive with its bib on…