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We Interrupt This Travelogue… February 1, 2011

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…to bring you this weather update:

We got six inches of new snow today, trending toward freezing rain as it tapered off this evening.

But Wait, There’s More!

Starting around midnight tonight, Momma Storm will follow Baby Storm into our region, dumping another 1 to 2 feet on us, depending on how much of it comes down as sleet and freezing rain and how much turns out to be the Fluffy Stuff.

Now some people dislike snow, and to them I say, “You’re in the wrong place, my friend!”  Though in my travels today (oh yes, I did!) most of the folks I came across were smiling broadly while visions of sugar plums and cross-country skiing danced in their fuzzy hippie heads.

Anyway, if it’s snow we’ll all be squealing like little piggies, and if it’s freezing rain, it will look like this:

Thems iz blackberries under glass, taken in [the real] Florida before this present atmospheric hiccup.

Either way, I’m digging this winter, and expecting to spend a significant part of tomorrow up on the roof, lightening the load and substantially reducing the distance from there to the ground below.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading.


Encased. November 26, 2010

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It rained last night, and as the temperature hereabouts was just above freezing, all we got was wet.

But up The Trail from here, in the incongruously named town of Florida, it was a decidedly different scene.  Trees bent double under a winter’s weight of ice.  Below them, the ground-level denizens held their breaths beneath a transparent blanket as if striking a pose:

This little blossom of Pineapple Weed, usually found in summer, was just coming out in this environment of Nine Months of Winter, and wasn’t likely to be pollinated this time ’round.  Guess that’s how it goes up there in the hills.

So winter’s coming, and with it, a whole new aesthetic.

I’m psyched.  😉

It’s A-Comin’! November 8, 2010

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…Winter, that is.

Last night the wind blew and the sleet and freezing rain pelted the house; this morning’s ride over the mountain to work was slow and nerve-wracking, as I’m waiting ’till after my December auto inspection to put my studded snows on.

Still, I’m a big fan of winter.  I’m amazed by it, by the aesthetics of shimmering ice, of the remnants of Autumn entombed in sparkling light, of steely skies swirling over a landscape lit by the long, low rays of a cold sun.

I broke out Elliot to snag this shot on the way home:

I’m always struck by that deep-blue-horizon thing which happens as a storm recedes eastward.

I’ll apologize ahead of time for boring you all to tears with this stuff, but I just can’t get enough of it, and Lord knows I need the practice !  😉

Dooooon’t Goooooo Ouuuuut!!! February 1, 2008

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Spent an hour and a quarter getting home from my first physical therapy appointment this evening, mostly because of the people 20 cars ahead of me driving 20 mph, and the people behind them being afraid to pass.

But that’s OK, really; the road was deep in slush, and my windshield wipers were struggling to deal with the freezing rain.

The Portuguese have an expression which is appropriate for this situation:

“Better an hour late in this life than a minute early in the next!”

So if you live in the Northeast, don’t go out tonight if you don’t really have to.

Take it away, Johnny!